A premium phone that won’t empty your pocket; One Plus 3T is all set to shake up the world of android phones.

The world of smartphones was shaken to its core by the introduction of the first One Plus phone in June of 2014. For a phone to have flagship quality specifications at nearly half the price of other flagship phones (Samsung and Apple) was unprecedented. With their motto, “Never settle”, a cult following blossomed and the rest as they say, is history.

Now, the latest iteration in the form of One Plus 3T, looks all set to make an impact yet again in the fierce cutthroat world of Android flagship phones. Let’s take a look at how it holds up.

The One Plus 3T is a beautiful and unassuming slab of metal that is cold yet looks mysterious. As far as phone designs go, there’s only so much you can do with a rectangle. With rounded edges and a generous 5.5” full HD screen, it looks like any other phone. But once you’ve switched it on, you are likely to go, “Wow”. That was my reaction when I first used the phone. The AMOLED display is bright enough to blind you, yet the colors just pop when you see the home screen with the text, “NEVER SETTLE”.
This is also one of the few phones that have adopted the USB-C connector instead of the typical micro-USB connection. So you won’t be able to use your existing smartphone charger and cables. However, that’s not a problem as a beautiful looking charger and cable is included in the box. The One Plus 3T combined with the new charger has a feature called Dash Charging, to quickly juice up the phone. In just under an hour, the phone goes from zero to almost 100% charge. That kind of speed is truly dashing.

Now that your One Plus 3T is fully charged, you can unlock the beast that lies within. Powering the phone is the top of the line Snapdragon 821 processor that is one of the fastest found in Nepal. It was able to handle Asphalt 8, one of the most graphically demanding games with ease. Most phones get uncomfortably warm when gaming for a long period but the One Plus 3T with its gunmetal colored aluminum back remained as cool as a cucumber. The phone is buttery smooth while navigating through menus and multitasking is handled like a juggler’s dream, thanks to the massive 6 GB RAM. 
There are capacitive buttons that light up and the finger print scanner that doubles as the home button is one of the fastest that I’ve ever tried. You can also unlock quickly using gestures such as drawing a circle to open the camera app and drawing a “V” to switch on the flashlight without going through unnecessary menus. Moreover, you can tap your One Plus 3T to unlock it on a whim.

16 MP cameras are placed on the front and back of the phone which makes the One Plus 3T a great alternative when you don’t want to lug your heavy DSLR around. The rear camera has optical image stabilization and phase detection autofocus, coupled with a bright f/2.0 aperture which allows the One Plus 3T to take some truly breathtaking photographs.
Selfie enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that the front 16 MP camera has the same f/2.0 aperture which results in sharper pictures even at night instead of the blurry mess of pixels on other phones.

You would probably be thinking that a powerhouse like the One Plus 3T would be starved of battery after a couple of hours, but that’s not the case. With a 3400 mAh battery, the phone can easily last a day and a half of watching YouTube, streaming music on TuneIn Radio and playing Clash of Clans. If you ever find your phone running on fumes, you can easily use Dash charging to get a full day’s worth of battery in less than an hour.

The One Plus 3T is a welcome update to an already established line of phones that continue to provide great hardware and software experience without breaking the bank. Why settle for something that’s overpriced and feature heavy or low-priced and feature-less when you can easily get something in between, a phone that’s affordable and feature heavy without any compromises. Never settle for anything less.


  • 5.5” AMOLED Display
  • 401 ppi
  • 16 MP front camera, 16 MP rear camera
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 64 GB storage
  • USB Type-C
  • Dual Nano Sim
  • Weight 158

Available at Oliz Store. Priced at Rs 54,900?