A peek into some of the best products by Sony now available in Nepal.

Sony’s Best TV Ever
Sony Z9D 4K TV
The heart of a living room is more often than not a proper TV. Chances are that your current TV is not the best available option. Sony gives you an excellent choice for a replacement and it will not disappoint. Sony’s Z9D is the latest 4K TV to roll off the production line with a typical Sony picture quality. But this time, the quality has been raised a bar higher, with Sony’s new X1 processor that allows the Z9D to display any content with no fuss. It will upgrade lower resolution content to the level of native 4K. While other manufacturers struggle to play native 4K videos, Sony’s Z9D is at its best when playing high resolution videos. 
The Z9D sports Android TV that allows you to download apps directly. Games such as Asphalt, Angry Birds will run easily on the TV and it looks insane on the 65” screen Z9D. All in glorious 4K no less! I was able to finally watch a proper 4K video on YouTube for the first time and it was a revelation. It took a while to load due to the poor internet speeds in Nepal but it was worth the wait. I don’t think I can go back to watching videos on resolutions less than 4K.
You might think, “What’s so special about 4K?” On the Z9D, watching a movie feels so realistic with the colors coming to life and the sound wholly immerses me into the scene. I had to take a break to explore other features of the Z9D. The remote by Sony is your standard remote with a new feature added: voice control. Press the button and you can tell your new Sony TV to search and play a specific video and more. If you find the remote magically disappearing, not to worry as you can easily control the Z9D with the next product in Sony’s world.

Sony’s New Premium Phone
Sony Xperia XZ
So you’re missing a remote to control your shiny Sony TV? No shame there, you can use the Sony Xperia XZ as a remote control by installing a remote app. The XZ follows many of Sony’s design cues, with premium materials used and a great camera.Basically a monolithic slab of metal and glass with electronics stuffed inside.
There is a 23 Megapixel camera on the back and a 13 Megapixel camera for those selfie shots. That’s a lot of pixels but Sony has been doing the high megapixel count in their phones for a while now. The XZ comes with a laser autofocus which has an impressive reaction time, taking just 0.03s to focus. Photos taken with the XZ have a pleasant tone and are easy on the eyes.
On the software side, the Sony Xperia XZ is running Nougat, the latest version of Android. Sony is one of a handful of manufacturers that have incorporated Android 7.0 in their phones. With a 5-inch full HD screen, it’s supposed to be an average sized phone but the XZ is as big as other 5.5-inch phones. This is due to the fact that the XZ uses on screen buttons and features front firing speakers that sound amazing. Wish other smartphone manufacturers would follow suit instead of putting the speakers behind the phone which sound washed out. This makes watching videos on YouTube an engaging experience, with the screen popping colors.
If you feel that the Sony Xperia XZ’s 23 Megapixel camera is not enough, you can always go for the big daddy of Sony cameras, the Sony Alpha 7R II. 

Sony’s Insane 42 Megapixel Camera
Sony Alpha 7R II
The Sony Alpha 7R II is a catalyst that is looking to change the way digital cameras are designed. Compared to the bulky and unwieldy cameras from the other established camera makers, the Alpha 7R II is refreshingly light. But don’t be fooled by the weight. It packs a whole lot of tech in that petite body.
It has a mind-boggling 42.4 megapixels full frame sensor and 5-axis image stabilization that could make even the gentle rocking of a boat seem perfectly steady. This means that you are guaranteed a perfect shot at all times and the photos look great. When people say you don’t need that much megapixels, introduce this camera to them and watch them change their attitude in an instant. Stills taken with the camera have an ethereal quality to them and you can view the photos on a 3-inch high resolution LCD that can be flipped up and down.
The Sony Alpha 7R II makes good use of the huge, high resolution sensor to record 4K video. Combined with the 5-axis image stabilization, videos shots in 4K look amazing when viewed on the Sony Z9D 4K TV.The camera is well equipped with connection options ranging from Wi-Fi to NFC to mini HDMI.
Peer into the electronic viewfinder and you’ll find a game of tetris going on. There are 399 (!) autofocus points so when you are tracking your subject, you’ll see blocks of focus points moving around, trying to find the perfect focusing spot. 
The only downside to the Alpha 7R II is that the controls are placed awkwardly but that may be just me being used to Canon’s layout. Given enough time, anyone can get used to the camera’s controls. The body of the Alpha 7R II is magnesium so it feels sturdy and cool to the touch.

Sony’s Bass Filled Wireless Headphones
Sony MDR-XB50BT 
This pair of headphones is literally subwoofers that have been shrunk down and placed on your ears. That’s how much bass these headphones pump out, enough to satisfy anyone’s desire for bass. I will admit that I generally prefer neutral sounding headphones but it was one of those occasions where the stars were aligned and I was craving some bass heavy music and these headphones just popped up in my life.
At first glance, it looks like any other on ear headphones, with ear pads that promised to look out of place on my elephant ears. But surprisingly, it was a comfortable fit due to the ample cushioning on the ear pads and light weight. The frame is made out of metal and plastic that is flexible and should fit most heads. With a brushed aluminum finish, the headphones give off a premium feel.
You can only connect to the headphone using Bluetooth but it will last up to 30 hours on a single charge so you won’t feel the need to use a wired connection. Controls are on the right side of headphones, allowing you to adjust the volume and other media controls right on the headphone directly instead of fumbling around on your phone.
The name Sony MDR – XB50BT is a mouthful but it delivers on its extra bass with aplomb.