Techie at the core

Raveena Desraj Shrestha, the Asst. Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. is a tech enthusiast at heart. However, she is very picky when it comes to choosing the right gadgets. Esparsh Sarawagi learns more of her techie side as Desraj talks about some of her gadgets.

Five gadgets you simply can’t do without.
It would be my phone, power bank, hair dryer, portable speaker and aux cable.

What was your very first gadget?
If I remember correctly, it was a hair dryer as your hair must always look good.

What is your current favorite gadget?
My Iphone 7 Plus because of its multi-functionality. I can schedule my daily task and set reminders, use the barcode reader to gather necessary information about the manufacturer, play games, and make use of the camera for pictures or videos.

Is it affection or an addiction?
If I had to choose, it's affection but I'd say it's a need. One can live without it but I'm not an introvert and also my job won't allow it as I'm also the Chief Information Officer of Mega Bank. In fact, they are of great use even when you are at your desk or while travelling.

What features would you like to add to it if you could?
I'd probably wish not having to charge my phone again and again (laughs).

Do you think it will be obsolete in the next five years?
Maybe; I can't say anything on that. They might stop producing it. In the recent scenario, Motorola stopped producing mobiles for public use. Also, Nokia recently discontinued manufacturing until it was bought by Google or switched to Android. But I'd be happy to own an antique piece in the near future. However, having said that, I believe the future of the iPhone is quite secure.

Which gadgets do you have on your wish list?

HP Sprocket Photo Printer: It can print pictures directly from the phone.
Raden A22 Carry: It can track your movement and guide itself towards you.
Sonix Portable Charge: It can provide 16 hours of battery life to iPhone.

Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle: It is an activity tracker.

Brainstorm SOI Handbag Light with Automatic Sensor: It lights up for 10 seconds when it senses motion, long enough to find something in it.

If you could ask tech giants to invent a gadget for you, what would it be?
I want a biotech gadget that can be implanted into my body, which can regenerate cells and keep me healthy.

Any gadget featured in a movie, which made you fall in love with it?
Time travel, although it’s more of a machine than a gadget, but a more sophisticated version; something like the one from the movie Back to the Future.

A gadget that you couldn’t operate or took time to get the hang of.
Router, why can't it just configure itself with the ISP/ network information?

If you had a twin robot, what would you use it for?
If I had twin robot, I'd leave a version of mine to work from the office and I'd have followed or done things that I'm passionate about like healing, motivational speaking, travel et cetera(laughs).

A car tech accessory you can’t do without.
The aux cable, as I cannot operate without my music in the car.

Three fancy gadgets you’d want in your car.
Considering the roads of Nepal, I'd like to have spongy seats with massage option; Handpresso (coffee maker that can fit and operate in a car) and I want GPS Navigation with voice guidance/ assistance to be activated in here.

According to you what are the prominent gadgets of the 21st century?
Laptops, phones, cameras, devices with Bluetooth and wireless sound systems, GPS trackers, and headsets etc.