PC Gaming is undeniably the best kind of gaming there is. Whether you play on a PS4 or on an Xbox, and argue which one is better, PCs are the ultimate master race! PCs feature unparalleled performance and are constantly getting better, and what makes it even more so is the variability -  you can choose the components of your gaming setup to suit your needs and budget. 

Yes, you may have heard something like “You don’t need high-end computers or gadgets to become a true gamer,” but we all know that’s not how it goes. Of course, computer games are demanding, for which, you’ll need quite a lot of power, and it depends on what kind of games you play. But in the end, a gaming PC is a necessity for the optimum gaming experience. A powerful processor combined with a quality screen, a mechanical keyboard and a comfortable mouse can be enough, but there are plenty of options to explore, from budget ones to top-notch.

Gaming Laptops are not Gaming Setups! Granted your laptop might be powerful, have all the right features costing well over 3-4 lakhs, but it cannot go head to head with a gaming PC!  They’re upgradable according to your needs while laptops aren’t. And as laptops are built to save power, i.e. gaming on battery, it prevents them from performing at their highest potential, whereas in PCs, it’s never so. The advantage laptops provide are portability and gaming on-the-go, and during power cuts, but we have to worry about that less and less these days. Sure, there are very high-end laptops available these days like the MSI Titan Pro 4K or the Razer Blade Pro, but no matter what, comparing a gaming laptop and a gaming PC of the same tier, you’ll find that PCs cannot be beaten. When it comes to gaming, a PC is the best choice!

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, looking for ideas on how your gaming setup should look like, here are some ideas that will be of help.


Processors are the most important part of a gaming setup. Games can be quite demanding, and so, a powerful processor is a must. For high end gaming,Intel Core i7 8750 or 8700K processor will work wonders! It will be able to handle all kinds of games you throw at it. For anything lesser, an Intel Core i5 7750 range can get you what you need. And if you absolutely need a God Level performance, there’s Intel Core i9 7900X! You can also opt for AMD’s Ryzen 3 or 5 processors, but Intel has got the market in Nepal, so, go with Intel. And yes, it goes without saying, that if you’re going for a gaming rig, make sure to include at least an 8 GB RAM, or preferably, 16 GB. There is also an option for 32 GB, but there’s really no point. 


Graphics is another very important element of your gaming rig. Any gamer knows that graphic settings can seriously affect your gaming experience, which is why, higher the graphic configuration, the better. At present, Nvidia’s graphic cards rule the Nepali market over others. There are also MSI and AMD Radeon, but there’s something about Nvidia that makes it ever so popular among gamers and enthusiasts. For the highest-level performance, there’s Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti 8 GB graphics. However, depending on your budget, a Geforce GTX 1060 graphic card can also work quite well. It belongs to the mid-tier level of graphics, which can also pack a good performance. And for the low-tier, there are the GTX 1030 to GTX 1050, which can also deliver a satisfactory performance. Low doesn’t mean that these are not powerful. These are found in gaming setups of Rs.1 lakh or more and will handle any normal games or demanding games in low settings.

Cooling Systems

Because gaming PCs are over-clocked most times because of the demanding power, be sure to get a cooler if you don’t want to sweat out your system. If you’re buying a pre-built gaming system, remember that most of them already include cooling systems. There are water cooling or air cooling systems to choose from. Water coolers cost more and are more efficient, mostly suited for those God-level computers, but a simple air cooler will also do just fine. For low-tier PCs, a cooling system is not really important, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Now if you have a great graphic setting on your PC, you will need an equally good display to reap the benefits. Good monitors are the difference between how long you will be able to play a game at a stretch, besides your PC’s performance. For gaming, things to consider in the display are screen size, resolution and refresh rates. As for screen size and resolution: the bigger the better.” A 1080p HD resolution is the standard, but you can go for 2K or 4K even for sharp picture quality. The bigger your screen size, higher the resolution you’ll need. For good resolution monitors, Dell has quite the range of 4K monitors with 60Hz available at around Rs.60,000 in Nepal. 

However, the refresh rate is another thing entirely. You may have seen monitors with specs listed as 60Hz, or 120Hz / 144Hz, or even all the way up to 240Hz. The refresh rate is crucial for gaming as it allows the screen to keep up with the rapid movements of a player. With good refresh rates, you get better responsiveness i.e. less lags, improved motion resolution, and reduced screen tearing in games (occurs when fps – frames per second, is higher than refresh rate). Normally, a 60Hz monitor is good enough for MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, but for FPS (First Person Shooter) games, you need a refresh rate of 120Hz or 144Hz. As for 240Hz, it is just too high-end and there aren’t that many games that would require such specs. So, depending on what games you’re into, a 60Hz or 144Hz monitor will do it for you. MSI’s Optix Gaming Monitor with 1080p res at 144Hz is highly recommended, which you can get for Rs.55,000 – Rs.65,000.


Now that we have a PC and Monitor, we need the best peripherals. Normally, we use simple keyboards that are known as chiclet keyboards. They have soft keys, low travel and are quieter. But, the argument is that mechanical keyboards are the only acceptable ones for gaming. And it might just be so. With each button having its own switch underneath it, these keyboards provide highly accurate keystrokes. They also give you very tactile feedback and the feel on your fingertips is just amazing! What’s more, they have replaceable keys for cleaning and stuff.

Also, if you’re a gamer, you’ll know that a backlit feature is a must! While you can choose from flashy RGB color options for backlighting, a simple red or white backlight can prove good enough. Additionally, if you’re into MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) games, it’s recommended that you get one with Macro keys for that additional support in the games. Gaming keyboards also come with USB ports for that much needed support for additional devices. And wired keyboards are said to have quicker response time than wireless, but you can hardly tell the difference. The only problem is running out of batteries while playing, so, it just depends on what you prefer. Depending on the number of features to choose from, gaming keyboards can range from Rs.8000 to Rs.22000. If you want to splash some cash, then Steel Series has the Apex M800, while Razer’s Black Widow Chroma gaming keyboard is recommended for the optimum gaming experience.


Choosing a gaming mouse is quite tricky. There are a horde of options available when it comes to buying a gaming mouse. There is no single most important factor here; you have to look at quite a number of things. A mouse with a tactile feedback i.e. a clear ‘click’ sound is very satisfying. Also, there’s the DPI factor to consider. DPI (Dots per Inch) means how fast your mouse is moving; which means higher the DPI, the less you’ll have to move your mouse to get the cursor across the screen. It’s often said that higher the DPI, the better, but most of them come with 1800 DPI which is sufficient for any game. FPS games can also do with less DPI for better precision. So, don’t be impressed by larger numbers here.

And yes, how many buttons is too much? Basically, a mouse consists of a left, a right and a cursor button. But for gaming, you need more, and even the simplest of them has 5 buttons these days. Those programmable buttons can give you the split-second advantage in games, which can mean a win or a loss. Sure, you can have as many as 18 buttons in the likes of SteelSeries Rival mouse series, but the Razer Death Adder gaming mouse with 7 buttons can do quite well for you too. A gaming mouse can range from Rs.2000 to over Rs.15000 here, but if you’re looking for affordable options, Red Dragon and Aula are the affordable brands in Nepal.

Gaming Headphones

Gamers have to wear headsets for long period of times, so they need to be as comfortable as possible. A lightweight pair of headphones with a comfortable pad / cup for your ears is the way to go. Sound quality and noise cancellation are also important factors, and further, the wireless vs wired headphones debate goes on. While wireless headphones help in cord management, they cost a bit more and you have to worry about charging them. So, the debate is still ongoing.

As for sound quality, higher bass can offer you better environment depth perception. Bass boosting can help gamers feel more immersed in gaming scenarios where there are bullets and destruction. Active noise cancellation is a must, and these days, almost all gaming headphones include that feature. Good gaming headphones can cost well over Rs.4000 and can go up to Rs.15000. HyperX Stinger and SteelSeries Siberia are the two gaming headphones recommended in Nepal.


Now that we have quite a gaming rig ready, you can complete your gaming setup with a good PC desk, a comfy gaming chair and a power regulator. And while you may not consider these to be very important, they can prove to be important factor for a great visual experience as well as gaming comfort. You’ll need a gaming desk that has enough space for all the peripherals and can help in cord management. Your gaming chair must have a good lumbar support so that you can play without getting body aches. And while you’re at it, why not get a high-grade voltage regulator to be on the safe side?

That completes our gaming setup guide. And if you can, it’s highly recommended that you build your own custom PC! You know your gaming requirements and budget better than anyone else and with pre-built rigs, you may have to compromise or get a totally unwanted feature. Purchasing individual parts are also cheaper right now than buying the whole thing. So, if you possess the knowledge, build your own gaming PC. For those who are not that technically inclined, there are options like Dell Alienware Aurora R6, MSI Aegis-017US, HP Omen Gaming Desktop or Lenovo Ideacentre Y710 Cube, ranging from Rs.120,000 to over Rs.200,000. However, depending on your needs, a good gaming setup can range from around Rs.100,000 to well over Rs.600,000!

Whether you choose to buy a rig or build your own, do check out Kunyo.Co for all your gaming needs. They are the best in the business and can provide you with whatever the gamer in you requires. Happy Gaming!

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