Puran Joshi is one of the leading fashion stylists in Nepal and much in demand when it comes to styling celebrities. Being stylish requires a lot of confidence and vision and most of all one needs to feel comfortable in one’s own skin. Prawar Budhathoki talks to Puran Joshi to get his take on ‘staying in fashion’ and to learn about where his own journey began.

Where did you learn about fashion and how did you get into the fashion industry?
Everyone wants to look stylish and fashionable and I have been no different since my childhood. My interest in fashion and style is what taught me what I know now. Initially I worked for an interior design magazine. As my aesthetic senses were being recognized, seven years ago, I started getting offers from fashion magazines. Eventually, I decided to pursue this career.

What are some achievements you are most proud of so far in your career?

Being the one to introduce the scope of fashion is a notable achievement I think. Even today, I am the only fashion style director in Nepal. I am hopeful that I will get the opportunity to guide the upcoming generations through their fashion careers.

What does fashion mean to you? What is your philosophy on fashion?
Putting into simple words, fashion is my comfort zone. It is something that comes from within.

What inspires you?
I don’t have anything that I draw my inspirations from in particular. I do use social media for basic ideas normally. Other than that, art is something that just happens, isn’t it?

How would you describe your signature go-to look?
My go-to look would be Street style. Normally, you will find me sporting 70s, 90s flavors. You can also find some Bohemian touch with tote bags and bandanas.

What tips would you give to those who want to find their own individual style?
Fashion doesn’t stay the same. If you look at it closely, you will see that it rotates. So adapting to the change is as essential as wearing what brings out the best in you.

What is the most trending fashion style in Nepal today?
Socks, shoes, bandana and most of all unisex clothes are the most trending fashion styles in Nepal at the moment.

What type of clothing styles would you recommend for people during the monsoon season?
Monsoon is already gloomy, so bright colors and floral patterns help in balancing the mood. Also, keeping it light and minimal is the key.

What are three of the essential accessories that you wear every day?
I am not really an accessories kinda guy but if I have to name three, they would be my sun glasses, headphone and metro mask(thanks to the pollution I got three)

What would you say are the essential items in a man’s closet?
A man doesn’t need as much as women do. Yet there are some things a man must have. The most essential items in a man’s closet are shoes, watch and belt. Additionally, you mustn’t forget to smell good – a perfume.

What are some of your favorite brands to shop for?
Normally it is about the individual pieces that I look for but Tom Ford and Versace are definitely on the top of my favorite brands list.