Makeup is an art which constitutes the use of various cosmetic products to a bare face for various purposes and the one who is profound in doing makeup is a makeup artist. One of the popular career paths in the glamour industry, but it is not an easy path to follow. It requires skill, creativity, talent, passion and more.
There are many makeup artists among us, but very few have left a mark and created a space for themselves. Sanu Gurung is one of them. She is the most well known, she is creative and has worked in various media houses with many celebs and campaigns. She is also a hair stylist who has her own studio, besides doing bridal makeup and teaching makeup at the same time.
Born and brought up in Chitwan, it was not easy for Gurung to get a job as a makeup artist with none to help and mentor her and especially without any connections in the industry. But she persevered and today she has reached the pinnacle.
According to Gurung, since childhood she was really passionate about doing makeup, although at the time it just meant applying kajal and lipstick and doing her hair with various braids in different styles. She had no idea that one day she would take it up as a profession. Over time her curiosity and passion about doing makeup grew.
“I still remember that as much as I enjoyed getting ready and being all decked up I also enjoyed helping others get ready with their makeup, hairstyles and clothes, so my family and friends started calling me Nakkali. They still do and honestly I don’t mind it as it has become a big part of my life,” says Gurung. 
Sanu recalls her earlier days when after SLC she came to pursue higher education in Kathmandu. But her heart always kept telling her to pursue makeup which she eventually did along with her other studies. It was no easy task juggling education and career, but her passion kept her motivated.
“I started learning and doing makeup along with my studies and my journey into the world of makeup officially started at ECS. So today looking back at the beginning of my career, I feel like I have achieved something and obviously there is more to do,” she reveals. 
The early days were filled with struggle but Gurung appreciates those struggling days because that tough period was the most enhancing and gave her a lot of exposure. She is happy with the fact that she didn’t know anyone before entering the industry as it led towards her growth personally and professionally. 
“I was scared at first before entering this field because I didn’t know a single person and there wasn’t anyone who could help me and educate me when I most needed it. But today I appreciate the fact that I learned it all on my own. Things were hard in the initial days; sometimes I was paid very little, but I kept on working because I had to make connections and get to know the right people,” she recalls.
Gurung went on working with various other media houses like Naari, TGIF, Wow, Party Nepal, Navyaata magazine and also on various campaigns and shows which gave her the exposure and experience. She had always wanted to work for media houses and today getting to work as a freelancer and an established makeup artist, she gives all the credit to her passion. 
Gurung personally loves doing creative makeup rather than the usual day to day normal looks. She enjoys playing with colors, various eyeliners, blush, eyeshadow and bold looks which is limited to photo shoots and usually not put on in normal everyday life. 
She also teaches makeup in her studio and the one thing she emphasizes is giving her students first-hand knowledge by taking them along for various photo shoots, introducing them to the professional world. She is keen on working with various celebrities and artists but she also loves doing bridal makeup and getting them ready for their big day. 
“In the initial days of my career I loved working with various celebrities which I still do but after a few years it got monotonous and I started to give makeup classes. Later on, brides would approach me for doing their makeup. So I gave it a shot and it gave me immense satisfaction to give them the best looks that a bride would desire. I even opened a studio and now I love to juggle as a freelancer for various photo shoots and also getting my brides and clients ready for their event,” says Sanu. 
There are a lot of young, aspiring and talented people who want to become professional makeup artists and as a teacher Sanu gets to interact with them. All she advises them is to be passionate and creative to make it in this field.