Photo Credit: Anjil Maskey
In 2020, she went to Egypt for the Miss Eco International Beauty pageant and carried the title of Miss Eco Asia. Currently on a break from modeling, Anushma has been modeling ever since she got out of high school. She has been focusing very much on her skincare for the past two years.


Skincare is something that everyone needs, what with all the polluted air and the unrelenting heat, our skin gets damaged every day. And who better to give skincare advice other than a person who has worked in the beauty industry. Anushma Rayamajhi is a model who has been in the industry for the past six years.   
How serious are you about your skincare?
Before I wasn't the skincare kind of person, but that's why I had a lot of acne which got a lot better after I started my skincare routine. But currently, I try to keep my skincare pretty subtle.
Are there any dietary restrictions you follow for your skin?
I tried to consume less sugar overall, I never really ate oily foods as much so I didn't have much to worry about there, and the sweets were the only thing I cut for my skin. It has helped me a lot with my skin.
How did you get into skincare?
As I said I had a lot of breakouts and I had a shoot with M&S where they shot videos and when I saw the video I got very concerned and thought that I should start taking care of my skin. First, I went to a dermatologist but the result I got from there was not helping that much. So, I decided that I would do my own research and find the products most suitable for me.
How do you go about your skin care process?
Before I sleep I remove my makeup with my makeup remover.
2. Then I wash my face with the Kleida face wash.
3. After I dry my face I use just a few drops of Estee lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum.
4. And finally, I apply Kleida moisturizer before I go to bed.
5. And once a week, I use the hyaluronic acid mask and Estee lauder’s night eye cream.
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How did you get Kleida as your go-to?
Actually, my sister had used Kleida products for a long time and I saw how much it had helped her and I thought it was something that was worth giving a shot.
Are there any specific medicated serums you use for your acne?
Acnesol really helped me fight my acne in my early days of skin care. 
You look great with your minimalistic makeup style; what kind of products do you use?
I don't use much makeup on my day-to-day routine but my most used make-up products are:
Baking powder & Concealer by Revolution

Eyeliner: Maybelline 
Is there anything that you cannot miss out on in your makeup routine?
Moisturizer is a must twice a day before I leave home and before I go to bed. And to exfoliate once a week with the ordinary AHA BHA peeling mask.
Tips for people getting into skincare:
Keep it simple 
Find the right product 
Stick to it, don't bounce here and there
Take your makeup every day before bed.
Quick Bytes

What product do you never leave home without?
- Sunscreen 
- Lipbalm

How long do you take to finish your nighttime skincare routine?
- Around 10-15 min

A product that's very hard to find but you cannot live without?
Good vitamin C serum

What are some natural products that can be substituted into skincare products?
- Aloe Vera gel or coconut oil