Surfing through Instagram is undeniably a part of our everyday routine. In fact it’s safe to say that most of us begin our day with it. What and who we follow on Instagram decides the kind of content we’re exposed to and if beauty tops your following list, we are sure, you must have come across S.M.E ~ The Beauty Editor’s page, most probably during the lockdown. Her page is flooded with beauty tips and techniques which are made keeping in mind the elements like skin-tone, makeup, products and is aimed at making everyone feel confident.

We are talking about Nikita Panday Singh, the person behind the beauty page. She says, “During the lockdown, people were happy to sit at home with a blob of anti-acne serum on their face. Staying indoors often meant having to wear less makeup on a daily basis and I used to get a lot of messages for different tips and tricks. As a result, I just started opting for a skin-first approach to beauty through my page and people started loving it.” Her ‘gram page’ features everything from the latest in fashion to beauty, even to travel. She personally curates all of the content for her page and never hesitates to express beauty in their own ways. Apart from being an avid beauty blogger, she is also a creative content creator and documents her lifestyle and travel experiences as well. With active Insta followers, Nikita knows how to connect with her fans through giveaways, frequent product reviews and tips.

Quick bytes with Nikita:

  • What beauty means to you?
          Loving and being confident in who you are, and how you feel about yourself. We all are beautiful in our own way; the day we believe in that, that day you will define beauty for yourself.
  • How do you use beauty content to connect with your audience?
      Honestly there is no plan; when I come across topics and important issues, I just bring it forward, talk about it or make posts on it. I don’t like to plan my contents according to me, I do it according to what and how the followers want to get information. 
  • Beauty hacks that you follow for your go-to parties?
     I am someone who loves to keep things simple and most importantly comfortable whether that’s for my skin or anything else - but a few beauty hacks for parties would be especially if you want your makeup to last long - Combine setting and finishing spray (my current fav is Mac Fix Plus and Nars all Nighter).
            Always carry a compact or a concealer especially if you are wearing a bright/dark lipstick for touchups. 
  • A beauty tip you learned from Instagram trends.
      How to use acids correctly, contouring my face the right way and believe it or not using the right shade of blush that works depending on your undertones. 
  • A lockdown beauty addition
     Taking care of my hair and also building a proper hair routine. 
When asked to share her night skincare regime with some of the products she uses, she says:
My night time routine is all about nourishing and healing my skin. 
The first thing I always do is double cleanse which means to use a cleansing product with facewash, doing this step helps to really clean my skin and clean out any residue from sunscreen or oil-based products or makeup. The products I like to use is ‘Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil’along with ‘Kiehl’s Calendula Face Wash’.

The second step into my routine is all about serums - I usually treat my skin according to how it’s feeling and at the moment my current staple serum is ‘Sunday Riley Good Genes’ which is a lactic acid mixed with multiple acids like AHA, Licorice which gives it a multi-tasking treatment. 
On the days when my skin feels dehydrated, I also like to add Hyaluronic acid serum.
My third step into the routine is moisturizers- for my eyes I like to use ‘Clinique All About Eyes’  For my face, I alternate between ‘First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream’ or ‘Dr.Jart Ceradmin Cream’


Fourth step - During the winter months, I also like to add oils into my routine and my current favorite products are ‘Drunk Elephant Marula Oil’ and ‘Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Oil’

My last step is all about healing acne. If I do have at the moment and I usually only stick to spot treatments as they are super effective. ‘Mario Badescu Acne Spot Treatment’ or ‘La Roche- Posay Effaclar Duo’. 

A few tips on creating your own skincare routine 

  1. Practice double cleansing; it really works.
  2. Try to keep your acids minimum in a one-time routine, do not exceed using two at a time.
  3. Keep your skincare routine seasonal as with weather your skin tends to change too.
  4. Sunscreen is a must!
  5. For more information on products, ingredients or acids please check out SME page on Instagram.