A versatile designer, Tenzin Tseten Bhutia is known for creating masterful designs for both men and women. Having created designs for many participants of Miss Nepal over the years, his repertoire is widely known in the Nepali fashion scene. His works have been showcased not just in Nepal, but in various fashion shows around the globe. Tenzin talks to Prawar Budhathoki about how to dress and stay warm in this fall season. 
1) Could you tell us about your journey in styling?
Well it all started when I was doing my undergrad in Sri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi. I was one of those nerds who were very good at math and I always wanted to be a Chartered Accountant. But destiny had something else in store for me. During those days, when it came to dressing up, I was one of those hip students with full on creativity and my friends used to be amazed. I used to talk about style, designers etc. That's when my friends insisted and pushed me really hard to get into something that I am so passionate about. After that there was no looking back.I went on to tell my family about the choices I wanted to make after my graduation. The next thing I knew, I landed straight away in a design school called National Institute of Fashion Technology in Bangalore.
2. Your experience as a fashion designer so far
The journey as a fashion designer has been very fulfilling so far. I have done many shows, worked as a stylist and a fashion designer for a Nepali movie called Visa Girl. I have also designed for many contestants of Miss Nepal. I was awarded the Silver medal for best long gown for Rojisha Shahi who participated in Miss Earth 2013 in Philippines. I have also participated in a reality show called Let's Design Season 2 and reached the finale of the show where I got to present my design as a finalist. I have conducted many fashion shows in Nepal and abroad such as Hongkong, Australia and India. All in all, it has been a fascinating journey.
3. How do you think fashion for ladies is changing each year?
“Well, fashion is revolving from time to time and I say revolving because the old fashion comes back in the form of new fashion in a more subtle and more polished manner. Fashion always revolves and evolves from time to time.”
4. What are the latest trends for autumn wear this season?
Trends depend on many factors. Since we are in a cold place like Kathmandu which tends to get colder during autumn and winter, I see lots of long jackets, fitted trousers and capes being donned by people.
5. What color prints do you think will be trending in 2019? 
I see lots of check prints and vertical lines and mostly dark colors in 2019.
6. How can one look cool in stripes and jeans? 
Well looking cool depends on how comfortable you are in the attire and how you embrace the look. Lots of confidence definitely adds up to your personality.
7. What are some of the must-have outfits this fall?
Striped shirt, plain white tees, a perfect fit blue and black pair of jeans, denim jacket and one plain black solid color jacket.
8. Which outfit would you say will be the most welcomed by shops and consumers this autumn? 
As I said before, solid color jackets and a perfect fit denim has been in trend for some time and will rule in the future too.
9. What footwear trends do you suggest this season?
A buckled shoe for men and strap heels for women are the trendiest at the moment in my opinion.
10. Tell us about your fall collection.
For the fall collection, I am planning to do full-fledged traditional wear which I haven't showcased for some time. So I am pretty excited about it.