Viral Bhaidiyo has taken YouTube by storm. Since the very first time the video was uploaded, it has had a massive number of views. Ajita Singh met up with Manas Raj and Sabin Karki (aka The Beest), the two men behind the song, to found out more.

From a very young age, Manas Raj was considered a good poet and received much praise. He began his journey as a songwriter when he met Mohan Prasad, the first singer to perform his song. Prasad introduced him to several artists and mentored him in his initial days.

Raj never thought of singing or composing his own songs in the long run, but it all changed when his song Jaalma became a massive hit. This inspired him and he went on to compose and even sing more songs and subsequently came up with Viral Bhaidiyo.

The singer got the quirky title Viral Bhaidiyo from the way things go viral on social media; be it celebrity pictures or fashion trends.  Soon after completing the song, the first person he wanted to feature in the video was Sabin Karki-The Beest. Raj says, “I felt that his energetic dance and the comical element in it would perfectly complement this song.”

Karki, a celebrated YouTuber, has over a hundred thousand subscribers on his channel—Beest Official. Previously he used to lead a well-known dance group called Cartoon Crewz.

“I heard just four lines of this song over the phone and immediately agreed to be a part of it,” reveals Karki. He wanted to come up with a unique idea for the song to stand out. After given it intense thought, he finally came up with an entertaining concept that would perfectly complement the music. Not only did he direct and choreograph the video, he edited and worked on the colors, ensuring that every detail was perfect.

The two then met with Uday Raj Poudel, a music arranger and the team, Sanjay Karki, the cinematographer, dance crew members, Dikshya Thakuri, Merry Khatri, Sabrina Gurung, Shubham Bhujel, Shakar Dhungana and Xirirng Theeng. “The little girl in the video, Diskhya Karki stole everyone’s heart. She is an upcoming dancer who has raised the bar high for every dancer in town and has proved that talent has no age bar,” exclaims Karki.

Reflecting on the popularity of the song, Raj opines, “It was no coincidence that the ‘Viral Bhaidiyo’ song went viral partly because of its title, but it was more because of the entire team’s combined effort and hard work.” He is very thankful for the support he received from his family and it was their faith in him that led him to success.

Raj who has done several plays such as Andhoyug, Bhokoghar and Sano dajuko Mahabharata, is currently working on several songs. “I do have a lot of offers on the pipeline, but I will be taking my own time to choose the right project. Someday I wish to collaborate with Udit Narayan Jha; he has an unmatched melody in his voice,” he says.

Karki reveals that he draws inspiration from all the criticism that he receives. “All the challenges inspire me to work even harder and come up with concepts that will leave the crowd in awe,” he says. He has had two videos, the song Viral Bhaidiyo and Date Gone Wrong on YouTube’s Top 10 Trending Videos. “I give all the credit of my success to my brother, Sanjay Karki, the other half of the Beest Official. Without his support and motivation there is no way I could have attained whatever I have done till date.”