Nepal’s first online sitcom, P.S. Zindagi aired on Musumusu’s YouTube channel. Launched just a couple of months ago, the show has already met with some success.

“Being selected as an official entry for the Marseille Web Fest 2016 and garnering almost a thousand subscribers in such a short time-frame is a great achievement,” says Kavita Srinivasana, producer of P.S. Zindagi.

After working as full time actor in Mumbai, Srinivasana returned bringing back to Nepal her exceptional talent to organize plays in Nepal. However, she had only started her first play when the April 2015 earthquake put a halt to her work in Nepal. With burning passion and perseverance she witnessed her friends back in India running successful web series. Then along with a team she eventually bounced back with P.S. Zindagi following up with the decision to showcase online and finally on T.V.  

The intriguing initial P.S. stands for Post Seismic. The show relates to a youthful, fresh look at life of five youths in Kathmandu after the earthquake. In addition, it reflects how the ongoing tremors added unexpected dimensions to their lives in terms of trials and tribulations.

Kavita, a producer, actor and writer of Nepal’s first sitcom, talks about the germination of the idea behind the show, “P.S. Zindagi came out of experiencing the aftermath of the earthquake last year. It is inspired by the spirit shown by people in Nepal and their humanity, openness, and ability to carry on with their lives even after a disaster of that magnitude. P.S. Zindagi is dedicated to the people of Nepal and their spirit of humanity - transcending caste, creed and religion”. 

During the initiation phase, “Starting the show wasn’t difficult however to keep it running was a challenge,” recalls Srinivasana . When we had just started work on the second episode, one of our prime actors received his Green Card for the USA. As a writer, I had to come up with a new script where she could complete her portion in such a way that it wouldn’t disturb the continuity because of her departure. In the end, the second episode was successfully completed. Nevertheless, the long Terai unrest added further woes to the show’s continuity. With the longer hours of load-shedding and low supply of diesel, we had no other alternative but to improvise. We even did a shoot in the middle of the night because it was the only time when we had an uninterrupted supply of electricity." 

Despite all that, P.S. Zindagi’s team went ahead overcoming the ordeals on their way, and has till date, completed all seven episodes of the first season. When asked about the reactions from the news about the illustrious Marseille Web Fest 2016, she exclaims, “When we received the email from this guy detailing that our sitcom P.S. Zindagi had been selected for the Marseille fest, we were in awe. Marseille Web Fest emphasizes on the promotion of digital series of the industry. In such a short time, and with just one episode aired, being selected made us proud and it was a fantastic moment for the entire team.” 

So, what’s next for the keen viewers of P.S. Zindagi? “The script for the second season has already been written, so the viewers can expect the second season to come some months after the end of the remaining episode of the first season. In addition, I feel sincere gratitude towards the audience and all the supporters for making the show a success and hope for more support and love in the coming days,” concludes Srinivasana.