"Korbo lorbo jeetbo re," the anthem of Kolkota Knight Riders for once has been actualized despite people abhorring the camera happy
The third flagship of the Karuna Natural Wears has opened at Durbar Marg- the earlier two being at Pulchowk and Lazimpat. Majority of the shoppers assumes to find the new store near Sherpa Mall
I love weddings- lavish weddings. My middle name is ‘flamboyance’. Weddings are meant to be grand, magnanimous, ‘over the top’; whoever thinks otherwise can meet me at the court.
We become the characters- that is what happens. When we read a novel, the psyche of the characters overlaps with ours and we cannot distinguish if it is us who is thinking the thoughts or the character.
Haku Kale is immortal. In the future, whenever Nepali actors will sign up for the role of a Newar guy
If we have people like Paras Khadka taking care of Nepali cricket and fighting for the rights of cricketers, everyone can rest assured. He probably could have been a member of the present Nepali football squad because to quote him
I get off at Sundhara. As I walk with Kathmandu Mall to my left, headed towards Basantapur, a whole new subject starts crawling into my mind.
Know how women in villages' chit chat while queuing up to fill their gagris with water? That's when they are free to talk about everything happening around town, the gaun.
Lend me your ears! For those of you out there that like to read and discuss things, the first Kathmandu Literary Jatra will commence from this September 16th until September 18th.
Because I read everything I come across, I have never completely followed a writer. The same happened with Kafka.

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Chilly Vs beautiful you:Your beauty regimen for winter

As much as we love winters for hot cups of coffee, that one favorite blankie we all have and elegant coats we love to flaunt, people with skin problems