Beauty Talk
November 01, 2011

Know how women in villages’ chit chat while queuing up to fill their gagris with water? That’s when they are free to talk about everything happening around town, the gaun. The chat is filled with news about life and death. I’m serious. They talk about who is pregnant, now that’s life and whose dad is out hunting, some guy who enjoyed an illicit relationship with his dear princess as is evident from the girl’s belly. Then there is talk of diseases. They care. They care enough to find out who has contracted what and more importantly from whom. The young ones tease each other as well. All of these happen here too in certain places and do you know what we call those places? The parlour.

I am ready to bet that there isn’t a single girl out there who hasn’t heard or in some cases even evesdropped on the owner, the beautician, and her customer talking about a mystery woman. Rarely is a conversation between two women talking about another woman about good things; that’s the whole point of a conversation, by the way. Then the mystery woman walks inside in the middle of their chat and the owner gives her the biggest smile and greets her with, “Namaste dijju(or bhauju)!!Kaha bata malai samjhishyo?” or some other flattery. Ughh!! I know what word might strike you right now but restrain yourself!! ;-)

If you’re there for more than just getting your brows done then you’re in for a treat. You get to hear about all sorts of women, their men, their work and other gossip, and by the time you’re ready to go home, you start to dislike the subject you’ve never ever met in your life. All thanks to that session of threading. As much as we wouldn’t want to be the listener, we do just that. Somehow, we hear what we want to hear, just like the way we see what we want to see.

Let’s look at this another way, the real way. This is, I believe, how businesses in this part or as a matter of fact, in every part of the world run. To get your business going, you have to be puppets to your customers-- your clients. Ironic isn’t it? Because you’re the one who’s giving service and yet you have to be the puppet. But irony is what life is all about.

Then there’re the other type of parlour owners who just get it all done with a smile on their faces, without saying too much. The rest of the world, the more genuine people however few these days, fall under this category. Maybe these people get their job done because originality is still appreciated. Hmm.

With this, I end my piece. Can’t go to the party with these bushy brows. Wish me luck!!!


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