Café Kewa


“Kewa” translates to ‘garden’ in Newari and Café Kewa is Chyasal’s (Patan) latest addition. Opened on 18th August this year, it is small yet cozy, with indoor seating and a small outdoor garden. Their all indoor decorations are handmade, including the paintings, chairs, and also the tables. Some of the dishes that they serve are Momo, Chowmein, Chopsuey, Sausages and more, with their signature dish Puntey Burger, which is a miniature burger, served as five pieces. “To avoid messiness, and to save you from an embarrassing moment when your fillings falls out, yeah, that is when we decided to make puntey Burger” says Monil Shrestha one of the shareholders and head chef. Another signature dish is Kurkure momo, a normal momo coated with bread crumbs, and deep frying, making it very crispy. Opening time is 7:30 am and they intend to close at 7:30 PM, but with clean ups and friends coming over, they close at 9:00 am.