Dragon Chinese Take Out


Located at Hattisar, near Krishna Pauroti, a small Chinese takeout place is conveniently on the front portion of Marcopolo Business Hotel, facing north where parking is possible nearby. With Lots of dishes to choose from, you’ll probably get lost in the menus with so much choice. The food gets ready within 20 minutes, so you just place your order and wait, have a chat with your friends, listen to music and ding ding your order is ready for taking away with you. No! there is no place to sit and eat; it’s only take out. Dragon is managed under Marcopolo Business Hotel, and food is served in microwavable containers for your convenience. They have Office Packs like Rice with Curry, Combo Pack of Rice, Curry/ Appetizer/Drink or Home Pack. You can also order Hot Garlic Fish, Shredded Chicken Green Chilly and much more. So if you’re looking for quick, easy takeaway food, then Dragon Chinese is the best choice for you. The restaurant opens at 9:00 am and closes at 8:30 pm.