In the changing scene in Boudha today there are more choices when it comes to eating out. Opposite the Boudha gate is a road going down and just as you enter, you will notice Wrap & Roll a new eatery that focuses on Gouza, what turns out to be Japanese momo. It closely resembles our Kothay or fried momos. There is large space upstairs for smokers and when it comes to food there is variety. Take your pick from their interesting menu that includes: Fat Boy, Hot dogs, Hawaiin Bratwurst, BBQ Chicken, Tuna express (Sandwiches), Big Joe Chicken. Try their bakery items like Peanut tart, Apple pie, Cheese Croissant, Choco Lava, waffles. All varieties of coffee and Earl Grey or Peach tea, Orange tea. Get a pager while ordering and wait for it to buzz.