The resurrection of Freak Street inspired a lot of entrepreneurs to start new ventures and one of them was started by a Japanese woman and her Nepali husband. Tamie and Kaju Tamang opened Solo in a tiny little space in the heart of Jhonchen and once the local youth discovered their delicious Japanese dishes, there has been no looking back. Even on a Sunday, groups of friends or couples keep walking in, ordering their own favorites from a small menu of four delicacies: Omusoba, Okonomiyaki, Sushi and the main attraction “Takoyaki” which is prepared with octopus meat. Now don’t expect a big chunk of octopus as it’s ridiculously expensive as Binita Lama, the sweet young Tamang girl informs us. “The octopus meat is imported from Thailand, and Takoyaki has flour, egg, fish-powder, cabbage and octopus meat. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare in a special Takoyaki pan,” says Binita. Three pieces for Rs 100 and eight pieces for Rs 260.The Okonomiyaki has flour, eggs, noodles, and is like a pan cake that tastes a bit like fish with some sauce. Omusoba is spaghetti noodles fried and topped with an egg. Solo is closed on Mondays and the couple also has a resort in Nagarkot named Hotel Unkai Resort.