Volume Professional Salon & Academy,

Opened only two months ago in Naxal near Sano Gaucharan ground, Volume Professional Salon & Academy seems to be doing quite well. Opened by Pradeep Rajput the COO of the company and his Nepali wife Neetu Shahi who is the Director, their aim is to give professional service and train as many Nepalis as they can. Neetu has a Masters degree in Make Up Artistry from Bangalore and Mumbai. Their services include cutting, coloring, styling, waxing, facials, make up including bridal make up and much more. All their staff was trained on site and their academy on the first floor is at the moment training two batches of students. Rajput is determined not to hire staff from outside Nepal and wants a fully trained staff of Nepali citizens. The original company was started in Bangalore back in 2015. He believes in creating jobs by training young people and opening more outlets. The plan is to start franchises which will go out to interested Nepali entrepreneurs. First priority goes to those customers who have made an appointment beforehand. Volume Professional is open 7 days a week from 10am to 7 pm.

Contact: 9826153321

Burger Stand,

Also opened two months ago, Burger Stand is located close to the famous Everest Momo and near Himal Hospital in Gyaneshwar. The original Burger Stand was opened in Kalimati six years ago. With burgers available in many eateries around here, they are doing surprisingly well. The secret may be the bun that they use. The general problem with burgers in Kathmandu was the poor quality of the bun they used which are often dry, powdery and quite tasteless. Burger Stand uses buns that are much tastier and the result is a tasty burger. Pizza and burger joints are mushrooming all over Kathmandu and the competition is fierce. Burger Stand serves all kinds of burgers from veg, pork, chicken, egg, tandoori, grill chicken and more. But they don’t only make burgers; pizzas are also available in veg (mushroom), chicken, cheese, salami and extra toppings can be added in the form of bacon, salami etc. Snacks include Fish & Chips, potato cutlets etc and there are varieties of fries available: cheese fries with mushroom, with salami or bacon etc. Besides coffee and tea, you can also go for pastries and cakes: Black Forest, Chocolate, Mango, strawberry and more. You can also order your birthday cakes here. Open from 11am to 7:30pm.

Contact: 9818000085.

Pizza Cutter,

If you thought the people around Jaibageshwari wouldn’t be interested in pizzas, you couldn’t have been more wrong. There was even an old Newar woman ordering a pizza even though she admitted, she had never had one in her life. The popularity of Italian food is reaching all corners of the city and the craze for these exotic foods seems to be spreading like wild fire. Pizza Cutter may have played a part in spreading this craze as they have a large number of outlets all over the city. Their imported oven looks impressive and they have Subhash Ghising to thank because what use would these ovens be without a regular supply of electricity. Believe it or not, this outlet was also opened two months ago. That makes three of these ventures opening around the same time. That speaks well of the economy. Opened directly opposite the famous Jaibageshwari temple, they serve all kinds of pizzas: cheese, sausage, mushroom, olive, pineapple, chicken, tandoori etc. You can also get extra toppings for extra cash. Besides pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and pasta are also available. And how about a Carrot cake? Their major outlets are in New Road, Putali Sadak and Kupondol. Besides food prepared here, they also sell products made in their kitchen such as sauces like mayonnaise etc. This outlet in Jaibageshwari is hardly seen empty and seems to be doing well. They are open from 10 am to 8pm.

Contact: 98010-PIZZA

Ramen House
Patan Durbar Square

Located in Patan Durbar Square, Ramen House serves authentic Japanese cuisine and is a family run business. After working for about 9 years as a chef in Japan, Sanjay Maharjan felt that the Ramen needed to be introduced in Nepal. A small, cozy restaurant, with comfortable seating, the eatery makes you want to stay longer. As the Korean spicy ramen is rapidly gaining popularity here, Sanjay decided to make his own spicy ramen but with Japanese taste. Ramen House focuses mainly on youngsters as they’ve identified them as the real fans of Spicy ramen. Since there is no Japanese restaurant around the heritage sites in Patan, and being familiar with the area, they decided to open their restaurant in the Patan Durbar Square area.

Authentic Japanese soy Tonkotsu Ramen and Tonkotsu Spicy Ramen are two noodles that are available at the moment, however, there will be an upgrade on the ramen menu in the near future. The spiciness depends on you. Not spicy enough? Then add some more spice. If you cannot take spicy food, then just opt for the mild one. Being a Japanese restaurant, they also sell sushi rolls, Teriyaki chicken, pork cutlet, homemade cold tofu etc which gives you quite a lot of options. The broth takes up to 17 hours to prepare, making it very thick and richly flavored, while the noodles take up to an hour or so to prepare. With the involvement of family members in the business, it has become easier to run the restaurant; there is division of labor and everything works efficiently. The ingredients they use are fresh and organic, making the food here not only healthy but also very tasty. They are open from 11am to 9 pm.

Contact: 9840128425.