Eleven-11 is the brainchild of Spandan Lama Mocktan who has relentlessly worked 14 years in event management. Eleven-11 started in 2009 working in entertainment and corporate spaces managing the likes of local artists, Mukti and revival and Albatross. It has been a reputed platform for local and international artists to showcase their talents, successfully undertaking numerous events. From the three day long Himalayan outdoor festival to the renowned Nepal inked tattoo conventions, eleven-11 is a versatile event house, diversifying in multiple avenues. It has collaborated with national as well as international artists exploring different genres, from rock to techno. Eleven-11 remains significant in the Nepali scene like it's numeric auspiciousness.

After going to Prateek Kuhad's function, I got to understood how popular he really is. Initially, I had heard about Prateek Kuhad from Spektrum.” Spandan says.
Eleven-11 collaborated with Spektrum and MN Entertainment to make the event a success. An event with Prateek Kuhad was set prior to the pandemic but Covid forced its cancellation. On account of the popularity of Prateek Kuhad and his World Tour, "The way that Lovers do," it was anticipated that it would take place on 7th January at Gokarna Forest Resort. And his enthusiasm greatly contributed to the success of the event. All three businesses, despite having distinct genres and similar ideas, had great success.

Rishavh Shrestha, owner of another popular event firm Spektrum, has been organizing Spektrum for five years. One of the co-founders of Grassland events, he is a DJ as well. Promoting dance and music, club nights, indoor events are the genre that Spektrum handles. For half of the organizing period of Spektrum, it focused on dance music, electronic sounds before getting into outdoor events after the pandemic to upgrade what they were doing. Spektrum also books artists from abroad to bring them to Nepal and sends Nepali artists abroad. Instead of merely inviting international performers, Rishab believes in promoting native artists as well.

Neal Vikram Shahi has been the owner of MN Entertainment (formerly known as Icon Show) since 2010. MN Entertainment has organized more than 150 events in Kathmandu, including Retro Night at Raddison Hotel, Super model international-a franchise event, Extra Regrind, a series called Footboholic, Halloween and Christmas series. With better connections outside of the valley, such as Pokhara, Dharan, Chitwan, and Hetauda, Shahi previously owned restaurants such as Butwal Durbar, Durbar, Palpasa, and Gypsy Bar as well.

Tell us about the sponsors.

Despite numerous businesses offering to sponsor the event, we decided not to go for sponsorship. Prateek Kuhad's songs first became known during the pandemic, and audiences then pledged to show up the next time the event was held. As a partner, Khalti greatly aided us in the sale of tickets. Before that, Dalle served as our partner. Due to the centralized nature of everything, we must promote those platforms that make life simpler.

How did you feel after the successful completion of the event?
It was ultimately motivating, something you’d be proud of. Having learned a lot of things from the work we had never done before and our strong collaboration among guys from different brilliant backgrounds, resulted in a successful event. It motivated us towards conducting more shows and the belief that Nepal can now host big events without relying on sponsors. People have started respecting organizers and artistes. We received motivating feedback from audiences. Having 7000 people at the same venue, and see them enjoying with stress free faces was the most rewarding and made us happy.

What was your vision regarding the audiences?

We received good feedback with regard to the love they feel for Prateek. The performance was what made us happy and satisfied with what we are doing, and the struggles we had throughout the period. Audiences played a crucial role in making the event a success as the numbers were beyond our expectations. We think that the audience enjoyed the show with some viewer’s feeling it exceeded their expectations. We felt the same. We are thankful to the audience who were patient despite the delay.

What were the hurdles in organizing the event?
In Nepal, there is a substantial lack of resources. Audiences expect Nepali events to be on a par with those in other nations. We make an effort, but we lack the necessary resources. Due to a lack of a suitable location, the event's planning took longer than expected. It is challenging to dispel the widespread impression that only those with money can plan events. However, there are numerous efforts to make. Obtaining government approval, working with the CDO, managing security, and managing events are all opaque processes. We think that events can only be successful when everyone on the team is working toward the same objective. Another thing we can't perform is large-scale events due to lack of mass attendance.

Where does the event stand on current trends?

We would call the event a trendsetter. We believe there was no other event like this to compare with. It is the top event of 2023 so far. There were lots of TikTok posts and mentions by the audiences. We are happy because the audience was happy. Hope our trendsetting act will encourage other parties to organize better events for bigger adiences.

What were the accommodation facilities? 
We had various packages from Gokarna. We got a lot of ticket sales since Prateek has a lot of teenage admirers. We initially offered tickets for Rs. 2000, but due to demand and growing crowds, we raised the price. Additionally, there were VVIP seats. In order for the fan groups to obtain the most value for their money, we had the fan zones segregated. The fans that were eager to enter the stage could choose among various packages.
Share your overall experience.
We learned a lot from the event; what we did yesterday, what we are doing today and what we will be doing tomorrow. We want the world to recognize Nepal as a Shangri-la for people from around the world. We got encouraged to organize more events like this to let people visit Nepal and see much improved musical entertainment. Cross cultural effects have brought about a change in attitude too; previously a night show like this would mean a fighting hub. But now, it is more about people coming to a place to get rid of their stress. We are working to create a mindset for people to think of music as something beautiful. Despite some of the problems, the overall experience was really amazing.

What do you want your audiences to know?

In Nepal, there is no location, no equipment, no safety procedures, not even insurance, and no government assistance. The Nepali government should also fund musical entertainment. We support both domestic and foreign talents and cultures. A suitable area should be provided for the musical performances. There are musicians who have gained success from sites like YouTube, TikTok, and others but who are also greatly alarmed because they were unable to find a good platform here. Our goal is to create an industry. Instead of ensuring that the sponsors' logos and names are prominently visible, sponsors should concentrate on promoting the branding of their products. Nepali viewers should be aware that there are seated programs abroad where spectators are not even permitted to get up to applaud so that the events won't be perceived as a fighting hub. There are many laws and guidelines indicated in order to boost the music industry according to the preferences of the age group.