Get introduced to Ducati’s most powerful bike

The Ducati 1199 Superleggera has come into existence after Ducati’s impressive portfolio of superbikes like the Ducati 1098R that bore racer Carlos Checa the 2011 Superbike World Championship (SWC) cup.
As stated in the company’s official website, the bike is  ‘the most exclusive and desirable Ducati ever made.’ Its sporty and exuberant body is made of magnesium, carbon fiber and titanium. Ducati also claims that the bike has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any production motorcycle in history. This is probably the sole reason that the bike has been produced as a limited edition of 500 units only.

High toned exteriors
To give the riders an amazing aerodynamic performance at high speeds, the bike features a modified front cowl shape. Course Red is the color and it represents the brand’s award winning superbikes with the same tint. Evident properties include dependable ABS, sleek mirrors, elegant lights and long standard maintenance intervals being lightweight at the same time.

Savvy specs
Producing an incredible torque of about 134Nm @ 10,200 rpm, the engine is a ‘Superquadro’ with L-Twin Cylinder, ‘Desmodromic’ valve actuation and has 4 valves per cylinder. It is liquid cooled at the same time. The rider can choose up to 6 speeds. The bike has a magnesium body and wheels and incorporates Mitsubishi fuel injection system.

Powerful performance
Its speed in relation to its power and torque suggests that more the speed, more the power but rather a decline in the torque at ultra speed. At a starter speed of 5000rpm, the power is 65 Hp and torque is 110 Nm respectively. The turning point comes when the speed reaches 9000 rpm. At this point, the torque is stable at around 130 Nm whereas the power increases gradually upwards from 150 Hp.

Trial kits
For racing purposes, a special kit is provided. These will include racing exhaust, racing windshield, machine mirror block-off plates, license plate holder removal plug, side stand removal kit and connectors. Additional kits include front and rear paddock stands along with a paddock bike cover.

Want to ride?

Abhinav J.B. Rana, a senior executive of the Ducati showroom in Naxal says that it will take around three months for delivery of the bike if you decide to order it. So far, Ducati Diavel has been the brand’s latest bike to be sold from the outlet. “There has been some inquires for the Superleggera,” says Rana, “but no one has attempted to order it so far.”