Whether it’s you getting married or you’re just a guest attending a wedding, your wedding ensemble is a reflection of your personal style and we suggest that you stay true to it. From tasteful, elegant outfits to bold and vibrant ensembles, wedding outfit styles are as diverse as the people of the country, but what’s trending lately is the incorporation of boho trend in the wedding couture. From subdued hues, contemporary styles, fine embellishments and all such attention-grabbing elements, we are here to help you embrace the celebratory spirit gracefully.

Effortlessly charming, Rehan Shrestha and the timeless enchantress, Nagma Shrestha drop major cues on how one can make a mark effortlessly, brimming you with a head-mix of vivid hues & ethereal outfits.

Proving his mettle as an undeterred influencer marketing ambassador and coordinator for Visit Nepal Year 2020 project, Rehan Shrestha is equally known for his sartorial elegance which is a perfect blend of quintessential classic and a hint of contemporary. His attention to detail and quality of his selections is what makes us draw inspiration from him. Seen gracing different campaigns for brands like Coca Cola, Evo beverages, Gillette, Gyan Foods, etc., in an absolute creative format, shows that he’s nothing less than a powerhouse of talent. In fact, it won’t be wrong calling him a bona fide style savant who is an ode to today’s fashion forward men.

Bespoke Construct

Outfit: @kasa.kasastyle
Makeup & Hair: @itchya.karki

This year has been a difficult one for everyone, how has the pandemic affected your day to day life?
Apart from the constant paranoia and fear of the virus, I took this drastic pause and change in our lifestyles to just.. reflect. Gave me a good perspective about many things! The lockdowns definitely tested all our patience but apart from that all we can do is learn to adapt and thrive in our new normal.

What are the differences living here for a longer period of time, then your usual visits from Melbourne?
When I left Melbourne, it was solely for the Visit Nepal Influencer Project I organized, so roughly an estimated 3-month trip. Over a year has passed and here I am, not visiting but living in Nepal which has been different but has not only been due to family and friends but also due to the new experiences and opportunities that have presented itself to me.

Speaking of the VNY Project you did, how was your experience?
It was surreal, it was one of the biggest projects I executed but all the work put in was absolutely worth it. That’s when I realized how people in Nepal appreciate a new idea, the support from the sponsors were overwhelming. I am glad people till this day come and appreciate the vision and impression of the project.

Has the project inspired you to explore the tourism industry and work in it?
Apart from fashion, the tourism industry has always been an area I have had interest in. As we are all aware, Nepal has so much scope when it comes to tourism. I do commend the work the tourism board has put over the years but I believe there is still so much untapped potential that can establish Nepal in a more prominent way in the global map. I am no expert but after my close affiliation with them during the VNY project, I would definitely be interested to dive deeper and see how I can be involved in promoting Nepal.

What is currently keeping you busy?
I decided to step in to the design world and start a mask label called Unmasked by Rehan. It was the lack of productivity along with the absence of a creative outlet during the lockdown that allowed me to come up with this passion project. It took me more than 6 months to really finesse my products and get it out in the market.

Tell us about your new venture ‘Unmasked by Rehan’?
The leading idea behind Unmasked, and why its named that was my dislike for wearing the mundane surgical masks. As we know, masks don’t allow us to communicate as we used to, half our faces are hidden. The concept behind Unmasked was for people to wear masks that accentuate their personas and help people express themselves better. I didn’t only want it to be fashionable but I also wanted it be safe, hence all my masks are three layered with the extra design feature that allows one to add additional filters. Apart from the vision behind Unmasked, I also wanted the brand to have an impact in the community. Therefore, with each mask that is purchased, an individual affected by the pandemic is provided with a warm meal.

What exactly made you take the plunge into the design aspect of the fashion industry?
That’s always been the plan, I have created many pieces for myself to wear during fashion weeks in Australia. I have throughly enjoyed the process, to see your designs come to life is just a beautiful feeling. In the future I would love to have a menswear label, so I thought Unmasked was a good baby step towards that goal.

How has the experience been so far?
The experience has been surreal, the support, appreciation and the response has been something I didn’t imagine. Regardless of the trials and tribulations that have risen during my journey with Unmasked, I am loving every bit of it. A big thank you to anyone who’s not only bought the masks but also to anyone who has ever expressed any words of admiration and support for my work.

Your thoughts on the influencer marketing industry in Nepal?
Booming! Here to stay. I am thrilled all industries have realized the power of social media. Although I do still wish to see inspiring content, things that make you go wow I wish to create something like this.

The adulation you got as an influencer/content creator is different to what you receive for your current endeavor, which one do you prefer more?
Any adulation is flattering and both very heart warming in its own respect. It’s definitely different and yet still very alike because end of the day it’s all comes down to something that I have created and made an impact on another individual regardless of the scale of it. I honestly at this point do feel like appreciation for Unmasked holds a stronger place in my heart.

From our past conversations, spirituality seems to be a major part of your lifestyle that people aren’t aware of. Tell us more about that?
Surely is, yeah I rarely talk about it as i believe it’s something that comes truly out of ones personal effort and experiences. Spirituality is a big umbrella term and everyone can interpret it as they want but overall I think it’s something everyone should explore & experience. For me its about self awareness, raising my consciousness and a method of embracing growth, finding happiness & feeling unconditional love.

And how does it translate into your day to day life?
As humans we are a constant bundle of emotions & worries so it helps me manage myself on the daily. I don’t make take it as a task I must do but rather naturally incorporate in the way I think and act so it’s a part of me in everything and anything I do.

In a brief takeaway from all your spiritual experiences, what would you be something you would like to share with our readers?
Don’t over think it, if you don’t try it you’ll never know what you can get out of it. It’s something you can start incorporating only if you have your own personal experience. So yeah listen to a podcast, read a book... start somewhere, but with a open heart and mind.

Avant- GRANE

Your current style icon and what do you learn from them?
My fashion god, Mr. Chalamet (Timothée Chalamet). Harry Styles is a very close contender as well. I am forever in awe of what they wear, they are the true definition of trendsetters. I simply do my best to integrate the fashion influence they have on my own wardrobe choices. What I learn from them most importantly is the confidence and unapologetic-ness they exude when wearing their outfits. It makes all the difference.

What is the one thing in the fashion industry that doesn’t fail to surprise you?
The construction of stunning garments and my unfailing urgency to buy them. On a more serious note, it never fails to inspire me. 

Where do you see yourself in the fashion industry in the coming years?
I never want to limit myself to one thing. I am a bit of an over ambitious individual (in my mind), who constantly is hungry to do more. But I would want to establish myself as a designer beyond masks. Apart from that grow with my content creation efforts, hopefully delve into videos and presence in other platforms. Encompass more travel along with fashion as well.

How do you describe your personal style?
Extra, experimental and chic. (Laughs) I sound a bit narcissist don’t I?I honestly, always like hearing other people interpret my personal style as I feel like I never just stick to one style. I am always dressing for myself, by which I mean not dressing as if you’re doing it according to someone else’s sense of what looks good. Always good to remind ourselves style is what we do, its personal and fashion is what other people do.

What would we find in excess in your wardrobe?
The color black, asymmetrical silhouettes, hand embroidery and a bit of bling.

Three people with an exceptional sense of style.
My mom and like I said earlier Mr. Styles and Mr. Chalamet. thing is due to the pandemic I don’t know when I can amalgamate these trends into my wardrobe and flaunt it in exciting events.

How has menswear evolved in Nepal?
I am loving the Gen Z embracing trends, wearing the coolest street wear, adorning jewelry, its so refreshing! I am finally seeing some positive change where guys aren’t sticking to the basics because of their toxic masculinity (laughs) and wearing what they want! Its become more expressive, the conventional tags attached have weakened giving birth to a sense of individualism, where rules do not exist but emotions take preference. So yes I do see it evolving, creating variation in personal style and am absolutely thrilled.

Now let’s dive into what you love most and what you’re most known for, fashion. What’s exciting about menswear right now?
Judging by the Spring/Summer 2021 shows that took place last June, there’s a few trends that are definitely exciting in menswear. I am in love with the latter days Yves Saint Laurent vibe, fluid flared wide trousers that are making a presence in most runways. That retro energy is always effortlessly cool. Speaking of retro, a clear resurrection of the 1970s style is here to stay. Another trend I am enjoying is the play on shirts by many designers, just statement pieces that can be worn over a plain t-shirt transforming your entire look. Other then that there’s a lot of neon and pastels that were seen as well. Glimpses of renewed nautical and utility were also present. Although sad

GRAND Soiree

Outfit: @kasa.kasastyle
Makeup & Hair: @itchya.karki

Location: @hotelyakandyeti

What do you think are the major influences on the outfit choices for a man while opting for a wedding trousseau in Nepal?
Simply put, I always believe a wedding trousseau of a Nepali groom is influenced by a celebration of everything and anything that our heritage and culture stand for.

How has the wedding trousseau changed in last few years?
Over the years, the modern groom desires a bridge between tradition and modernity. There is an incline towards having a more practical, individualistic trousseau rather then just ticking of a list of items that need to be included. There is a focus on conscious consumption rather then unnecessary splurging especially due to the pandemic.

What’s your take in wearing off- beat colors like black/white in Nepalese wedding where there still exists the trend of colorful prints?
I am all for it, those are classic colors that always make statement. An all black outfit is so powerful. White is a bit tricky as per our Nepali norms but adding a bit of bright vibrant colors or rich lux touches of gold/silver makes for such a great outfit. I am all for colors and prints but strong colors like black or white have whole different vibe to it.

Do you personally opt for modern western looks in Nepali weddings or do you opt for a more classic ethnic approach?
I prefer sticking to traditional wear, not so often can one wear ethnic wear in our daily lives so why not flaunt it during weddings. It has more variation, more individuality!

In your opinion what is trending for weddings this season for traditional wear & for formal western looks?
In terms of suits for men, vintage textiles and influence, unstructured, oversized and functional in their construction. Focusing on more bespoke wear yet pieces that have versatility. For traditional wear, drapes will continue to reign. I always say what is life without a bit of romanticism. Floral are slowly being replaced by more intricate yet structural patterns. People are also opting to go for more sustainable, handmade, one of a kind pieces. Adapt the silhouette to suit your individual style. Always here to stay are intricate embroideries, it adds such a lux bespoke feel to your look.

Colors to go for?
In the contemporary era, grooms as well as wedding guests have a limitless option in terms of color choices. Neutrals and muted pastels are always pleasant, makes you look light and breezy. Prints will be pretty prominent this season be it abstract, floral or geometric. For the upcoming season think, olive or abyss green, ivory, fresh lavender, pastel pink, frozen blue...

Accessories that can upgrade your look?
High time we normalize men wearing jewelry. I am obsessed with rings; you’ll always find me wearing one (or couple actually). Even a nice layering of chains both in a traditional or modern outfit can add so much character. Important to pay attention to your shoes too, it’s a major pet peeve seeing someone wear a well fitted suit with shoes that just don’t do it justice.

What’s your personal favorite outfit you’ve ever worn for a wedding?
Once I designed this Darwa Surwal, inspired by the colors of a Haku Patasi with a one shoulder drape sleeve. I loved bringing my Newari heritage into a modernized version of a Darwa Surwal! I love a good mélange of tradition and novelty.

Your dream designer for your wedding?
My traditional Nepali garments would definitely be designed by myself. For my suit it would be a close call between Tom Ford and Dior, both of them are sartorial perfection. I would love to also adorn a custom Sabya or Shantanu in one of my functions.

Who are the people you’ve learned the most from for the wedding events you have attended?
I watch runways for most of my outfit inspirations and Instagram is a great portal for keeping track of what’s new. I think I will credit my dad when it comes to sprucing up my wedding looks, as I have ended up borrowing his amazing collection of shoes and watches that really compliments a formal look. As for getting honest feedback, my mum and my brother are my to go advisory panel giving me the seal of approval.

Styles & looks you wish to see more when you attend a wedding this spring/summer.
I think I would love to see guys here go beyond the usual basic ill fitted suit. Go for made to measure, impeccable cuts, detailed linings and quality fabric can really accentuate your body. I want to see people play with colors, and own it with confidence. I want to see soft hues and pretty details on pastel toned outfits. Modern silhouettes with paired with intricate heritage embroidery. I want to see outfits that are bright, energetic and unapologetic.

 " White is a bit tricky as per our Nepali norms but adding a bit of bright vibrant colors or rich lux touches of gold/ silver makes for such a great outfit"

This effervescent sartorial star who got a filip after being crowned as Miss Earth Nepal 2012, never looked back thereafter and came a long way from winning the title Miss Universe Nepal 2017 to being the National Director of Miss Universe Nepal 2020. Bold, beautiful and bodacious, Nagma is a perfect representative of the voice of today known for expressing through her individualistic style and making unconventional fashion choices, unapologetically.


Outfit: @kaavyaboutique
Makeup & Hair: @itchya.karki

From being crowned as Miss Earth Nepal 2012, to Miss Universe Nepal 2017 to being the National Director of Miss Universe Nepal 2020, you have come a long way. How does it feel to represent yourself in different roles and come out to be competent in each one of these?
When you pursue your passion, you manage to play the role well. Thats what happened in my case. I am still learning and growing through each experiences.

Can you briefly share your experiences of how you went on to organizing Miss Universe in Nepal independently?
I simply wanted to change the pageantry scenario in Nepal. Hence, I decided to take leadership so that i can make my own decisions to democratize pageantry.

What was the rewarding and challenging part about being the National Director of Miss Universe Nepal?
Rewarding is to see all the positive changes such as inclusivity, Trans women participation, democratic pageantry and all the amazing candidates of batch 2020. 2020 was an interesting year. We started independently in the midst of a pandemic. There were bumps and roadblocks but we did not stop, we just changed our direction to reach our end goal. 

Organizing a beauty pageant in a virtual platform came up with its own pros and cons. Can you please share some of those?
The biggest benefit was we could follow the COVID safety protocols and still do the pageant. We started off in a time when we are really unknown about what is going to happen and moving on in this format was challenging in itself as everything was new and we had to adapt accordingly thereby keeping in mind to make the right decision. 

You never miss to surprise us with your fitness, what’s the secret behind that?
It's all discipline. I believe that the food one intakes also matter a lot. I’m a vegan right now. Healthy diet and lifestyle play an important role for fitness. Also, I never miss out on my workout routine and do manage to go on a run every morning.

You were an active part of the ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign and became an inspiration to many young women out there. How important do you think is raising one’s voice in today’s world?
I always tell everybody to speak sense and don’t speak non-sense. If you’ve a disagreement with anything that’s happening around you, then you always have the right to speak up but at the same time speak sensible things only. ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign was so impactful where all the youths came together because of what was happening in the country and it ended up becoming much bigger than what we expected initially.

What is fashion to you?
Fashion is being fun, stylish, comfortable and happy with whatever you wear or carry.

Describe your personal style in three words.
Chic, elegant and sexy.

What would we find in excess in your wardrobe?
I’ve lot of black stuffs. I feel confident when I wear black. I do love other colors too but black has its own charm.

What’s trending in female fashion right now?
Instagram-able outfits (laughs). Nowadays girls shop in order to have that perfect picture in their feed and that is what’s being in fashion trend these days. You see someone carrying a particular style so well in your feed that now you go for the same and the trend continues. People are looking for versatile separates, something that they can style differently at a later day to look completely different; offering them a bang for their buck.

Over the years, how do you think the fashion industry changed?
I think the fashion industry is in the middle of its biggest change ever, and whether we like it or not, this change is here to stay. And I think it's great as it makes fashion so much more democratic and less intimidating, breaking the barriers of geography and physical access. There is no front row as fashion is now everyone!

Most experimental outfit you have worn?

My national costume for Miss Universe 2017. That is something that we experimented on and people praised it so much. I wore a sculpted Basundhara mandala with white outfit that embodied the style of a Buddhist deity. Before my team decided to experiment with this design for the Miss Universe, our beauty pageants were limited to costumes featuring dhaka fabric, rhododendron flowers or gunyo cholo. That was a trend for a long time, with Nepali contestants wearing costumes with identical concept. This actually opened doors in Nepalese fashion as well. 

Two ladies with an exceptional sense of style?
Tezza (@tezza) and Rozhin (@amrojue)

Top essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe?
A black blazer, comfortable jeans and a comfortable white shirt that goes with everything you wear.

Personality tips for young women aiming to be stylish.
Do your research, pick up with the trends and just be yourself creating your own persona. That will help you to keep up with your own cham.


" An assembly of offbeat bridal hues and intoxicating sparkle of hues is what I’ll say is bedazzling everyone’s attention lately. For the new-age brides straying away from the convention, kaftans and fringed trousers are also having a major moment these days."

What do you think are the major influences on the outfit choices while opting for a wedding trousseau in Nepal?
Despite the variety of cultures in Nepal and the different kinds of marriages, Nepali weddings remain constant in one thing: color. Red with a hint of green are the dominant hues in Nepali weddings, speaking to love, vitality, and tradition. For ladies, it has always been lehengas, sarees, kurtha. Also, Bollywood fashion, has also been influencing our Nepalese wedding scene a lot.

Some prevalent trends in terms of color, silhouette and embellishments?
Red and maroon have been dominant. Heritage weaves, intricate hand embroideries and unique prints don’t age. Classic, romantic and delicate feminine silhouettes with pure fabrics have been making a difference.

How has the wedding trousseau changed in the last few years?
A mix of solids with a little bling, some fun breezy florals and crafted art pieces with a blend of new techniques and colour combinations are coming to rise lately. We can also see some pastel hue-d outfits with some of them. The stereotype in Nepalese wedding scene is slowly breaking but having said that red is still a dominant color because of its historical roots and traditional values.

Do you personally opt for modern western looks in Nepali weddings or do you opt for a more classic ethnic approach?
I love going with ethnics and traditional approach because in dayto-day life I am already in my modern outfits and weddings are few of those events which give you a chance to wear something ethnic. I personally love to go in sarees or lehengas.

In your opinion what is trending for weddings this season for traditional wear & for indo-western looks?
An assembly of offbeat bridal hues and intoxicating sparkle of hues is what I’ll say is bedazzling everyone’s attention lately. For the new-age brides straying away from the convention, kaftans and fringed trousers are also having a major moment these days. From unconventional cape sets to predraped jumpsuit sarees, one can find everything that caters to the needs of a free-spirited bride who is open to experimenting and has impeccable aesthetics.

Colors to go for?
You can also choose pastels like soft pink, lilac, mint and champagne shades – they’re in now and look great for weddings. Jewel tones like purple, dull orange, ochre yellow and emerald green look classy when paired with contrasts or as monotones.

Accessories that can upgrade your look?
I’ll be kind of cheesy with this but yes, a beautiful smile with a great lipstick is what you need to add that extra dose of elegance.

Your dream designer for your wedding?
Manish Malhotra.

Dos and don’ts for modern millennial brides.
Don’t forget to plan the jewellery, accessories, shoes, hairstyle and make up well in advance. Do not stress and overdo everything. It’s not important to wear something heavy for every occasion. Maybe you could let the outfit speak for one event and the jewellery for the other. End of the day, you got to look beautiful and make sure everything’s styled well.

What’s your personal favorite outfit you’ve ever worn for a wedding?
My favorite will be my sangeet outfit for my friend’s wedding in Chennai.

Details to look on while choosing a wedding lehenga.
It’s the aesthetic appeal, art work and craftsmanship going on to the outfit that needs to stand out. Sometimes less is more, it is the beauty of placement and intricacy that’s important. You can stick to your roots yet choose a new design in terms of colour and embroidery unlike what’s been overly done or what’s in trend. You can always go with our traditional red but it can have unique yet classic, something that is not a fad. A timeless design is always a great choice.

Styles & looks you wish to see more when you attend a wedding this spring/summer
The next wave of clothing is going to be all about minimal maximalism; I wish to see an ease in silhouettes and fabrics. I’m really gravitating towards outfits that are comfortable. It can be light and still be the outfit of your dreams. If the outfit’s weighing you down, you automatically look a little sad and uncomfortable but when you’re feeling a little bit like you can move around, you glow with more confidence. This season, I am also rooting for some multicolor because it’s a unique way of adding a bit of dimension to a look. We’ve seen multicolored looks in fabrics, but multicolored embroidery is extra luxurious for the bride who might be looking for an opulent way to play on the colorful trend.