Throw away your calorie chart. We treat you with our selection of best pizzas around town. Sit back. Your menu will be served shortly.

Just like Italy
Margherita at Fire and Ice is simple and elegant. The oldest pizza place in Nepal has to be on the list for giving to us the treat we so look forward to.

Why the best?
Fire and Ice has a range of options and Margherita is one of the most popular offering from the place. The ingredients are fresh, the pizza itself is simple but has a character of its own. The cheese has rich flavor and the only two other ingredients blend in perfectly.  You can smell and taste what is probably the most popular and the most eaten pizza in the city.

2 please?
For a place that specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine, OR2K provides an extremely palatable pizza.

Why the best?
OR2K never seems to disappoint. Pizza wise and otherwise. In this particular case, 2K has very fresh ingredients. The use of olives and pesto sauce and cheese work well in the pizza. One bite and you will change your mind about food without meat! You do not really need anything else to go along with the slice; no tabasco sauce or extra herbs.

With two kinds of cheese it is more than a mouthful of extremely good smell and taste. If you love your cheese, try 2K pizza. You will not regret it.

Smoked, sizzling and spectacular
A perfect mix of everything that pizza is probably famous for Mexicana is a treat for anyone who loves pizza!

Why the best?
This newest addition to the Roadhouse chain of cafes is doing quite more than justice to the name. Some appreciate the service and some talk about the ambience. But here we talk about the pizza. And Mexicana stands out because it has ingredients that make it very Italian. Olives, jalapeno and cilantro, all Italian in nature and all perfect in its amalgamation gives the pizza a unique character. The smoked chicken for a chicken lover is a beautiful mouthful treat. Now add the smoked chicken in cheese and what we get is pretty brilliant, to say the least. The corn and heavy crust makes it a gigantic meal as well. If you love your huge portions, you will love this pizza.

Quatre fois the fun
This is a delicacy in its own respect. We choose this pizza because it is everything that a meat lover could actually ask for.

Why the best?
Bricks Supreme Pizza contains four kinds of meat - fish, ham, bacon and smoked chicken. The pizza is well thought of and beautifully presented and more importantly, it is loaded. But the interesting part is that it is all so well balanced despite the use of so many ingredients. All of the toppings complement each other instead of standing out, an important character of good pizza toppings.