On 4th February, Abstract pets, "Made for your pets’ comfort”, held a premium Dog Show at Bhrikuti Mandap, with the aim of promoting the breeding system in Nepal. Jay Narayan Singh who is also a breeder of the Tibetan Mastiff, was chief guest at the event. Awards for the twenty-six different breeds taking part in the completion, was based on their breed, standard, and performance. The competitors were divided into categories according to breed and age to form nine groups. From each group was chosen the winner of Best of Breed (BOB) title and Reserved Best of Breed title. 

Establishing a dog’s value and trend, Kathmandu Dog Show had quite good craze of dog lovers as a competitor’s owners and dog lovers. In order to attract dog lovers, Abstract pets targeted the best quality dogs to make people know about the availability of breeds in the country. Interview with Abstract pets flared out the essence of the Dog Show. 

Tell us about the dog show.
A day long show with different groups with variance of judgements as per the breeds had a perfect place to join in. The mob around the gate and the pet show area depicted a successful attempt of the Abstract pets in bringing dog lovers to meet dogs of different breeds and shake their hands and rub their bodies. 
Which breeds were assembled for the show?
There were popular as well as rare dog breeds like Pomeranians, Husky-black (which got the title of BOB), white, and red, Rottweiler, Retrievers, and different others. Meeting dogs, rubbing their body to see their tails waggle was enough for people to enjoy the show. Standard walks of the dogs added another joy to the audience’s excitement. 

How’s the scenario in Nepal regarding dogs breeding?
Most people are normally familiar with breeds like German Shepherd, Japanese Spitz, Labrador, Retriever as a general.  But people are not aware of the variances within the breeds themselves. Getting to know about the rare and newly imported breeds is far into reach to know about. 
Talk about the breed trends. 
There’s a perception of most people to go with the trend in all factors among which choosing dog is one of them. Owner living in at a place with limited space and no space for the dogs to even run freely makes a mistake in choosing working dogs or breeds like German Shepherd or Husky. Toy dogs as a companion can be reared if the person really wants a dog. It is always better to choose the breed of the dogs as per the purpose and convenience than the trend. Buying dogs in a flow with the trend might lead to regression. Dog breeds represent the owner’s personality as well. But there are several mis breeding of the dogs prevailing in the market that affects dogs as well as owners. 

How was the competition held?
The breed wise competition as per the dogs’ age comprised the judgement of the dogs’ walking style, walking posture and the standard way of walking along with other physical characteristics like teeth, bone structures, weight, head, tail, paws, and variant other factors. Having a perfect body shape does not define the dogs conquer over other dogs. 
What other health services were included in the show?
Health checking, free counselling, experience sharing, socialization of dogs, bull dog registration was the value added to the beautiful show. Stalls from the sponsors were helping owners with the dog foods and products and information regarding the food feeding process.

Which breed had the victory?
The all-breed dog’s judgement led a victory of Adam, a three-month-old German Shepherd with a cash prize Rs. 20,000. Juju, a Golden Retriever held the second position in the show having a white toy Pomeranian in the third position. 
How is the condition of dog business in Kathmandu?
Despite all the efforts made by the pet stores, this business is mis conceptualized as a cheap work to do. Dog business is a subject matter to most people to hesitate unaware of the fact that dog business is expensive and effort exerting work. From importing to raising a dog, maintaining temperature for the dogs, basic foods for the dogs needs quite a lot of effort causing it to become expensive. Nepal’s mis culture is the cause of dog business being backend.There are people who perceive dog shows as a joke.
Mostly owners are afraid of taking their dogs to the show thinking their dogs would misbehave. It is caused due to the congested surroundings for the dogs and there is no park to play in. For such situations, dog shows play an important role in socializing dogs. It is difficult to maintain parks for the dogs in this thick urban area as well. Despite such, Abstract pets along with other pet businesses have been contributing their full effort on promoting the pet culture in the country.