Miss Eco International Nepal 2023, Rakchya Upreti believes dreams do come true at the right time if you are determined enough to work towards it and keep believing in yourself. Graduating with a biotechnology degree and currently working as a TV Presenter, emcee and a model, Rakchya is now basking in the glory of her success. The gorgeous winner of the Miss Eco International Nepal 2023 is gearing up to represent Nepal in an international platform. Being a beauty queen comes with its set of responsibilities, and Rakchya Upreti, is ready to take it on!

How did you find your way into the modeling industry?
More like it found me. I come from a family where academics is prioritized so I never thought I would be a model but it happened like it was meant to be and that’s life. And I am so glad it happened because it has helped me reach new heights. I am thankful to my sister Prasna and my friend Mridul for pushing me towards it.

You recently won the title of Miss Eco International Nepal. What was it like being crowned on such a big platform?
I have dreamt of representing my country in the international platform through pageantry for a number of years now and my dream turned to reality when I was crowned Miss Eco International Nepal. I don’t think I can describe the surreal experience and the emotional roller coaster in just words.

You are also working as a VJ at Image Channel? What interests you about that profession?
Words are magic; it has the power to make or break someone. And knowing that I have a platform on national television to talk about things that need to be addressed, interact with people and share my perspective is what made me fall in love with my profession all over each day.
You have also been quite vocal about mental health. What connects you to this topic?
The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling. I suffered from mental health issues at a very early age and I didn’t know how to express it and I don’t know anyone going through that pain to feel that; I want them to know that it’s okay to feel the way they feel and be free to be themselves.

Can you also share some of the instances from the past while you were talking about mental health?
Initially, I was very insecure about talking about my mental health issues. I remember how even until the last moment before sending the video to MUN knowing that it’s going to be public I was doubtful. But after that I have only received love and support. People have come forward and shared their experiences with me and I have guided them to the best of my knowledge and this has been a true blessing in my life; being able to help people is what gives me the ultimate peace.


How is the modeling scene in Nepal? What aspects would you like to change about that?
The modeling scene is Nepal has been evolving for the better over the past few years. I see people being more open to it and I am glad that’s happening. However, I would love to see the industry being more inclusive not just in Nepal but all over the world. And it is not just on the people in the industry but on all of us even the audience, that we start being more accepting, less critical of ourselves and others. The change must begin within us.

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and is very subjective. For me beauty comes from inside; nothing can beat the glow from within. Have you ever heard anyone say a kind heart, a pure soul is not beautiful?

What are some of the challenges you face as a beauty queen?
Being a beauty queen comes with a lot of responsibilities and sometimes I am not able to make as much time as I would love to make for my loved ones. Also being a big time foodie, I think controlling/ balancing my diet is something I struggle with at times (laughs).

Who inspired you to get into this industry? 
My family is my strength, my biggest supporters, my biggest cheerleaders: Dad, Mom, my sister Prasna and Mridul. I also believe the magic of the universe guided me there.

What is the one professional goal you have for yourself?
To be content in what I am doing which I believe I can achieve by inspiring and encouraging people the right way. This will give me the ultimate peace that I want not just professionally but also as a person; that is my goal in life.

What would you like to say to all those who believe that beauty pageants are regressive and focus on the physical beauty of their contestants rather than their intellect or person as a whole?

Beauty pageants are more than just about a pretty face; it’s about what one has to offer to the world. And it’s high time, just like any other aspect in our lives, that we updated our mindset towards this too. Personally, I have felt the difference it has made in my life, the confidence boost it has given me, and to many other young girls like me.

 "Beauty pageants are more than just a pretty face, it’s about what one has to offer to the world. And it’s high time,  just like any other aspect in our lives that we updated our mindset towards this too."