Rehan Shrestha is undoubtedly one of the top names that come to mind when we think of content creators on lifestyle, dreamy, inspirational, and aesthetically pleasing content and impeccable fashion sense. But those who follow him on his social media platforms also know that he is an ardent believer in spirituality, paving the way to promote self-love and acceptance. He is using his platform to change the way we look at ourselves—helping us move away from unrealistic goals to an unapologetic acceptance of the self. Brands looking to work with a niche content creator in the spiritual realm should consider this fashionista for their next campaign.

You seem to be quite in touch with spirituality given your recent stories. Can you shed some light on that part of your life?
Honestly, I think I have had this inclination towards spirituality for a very long time. It’s just that very recently I have started incorporating that as a part of my social media presence since I believe it’s something everyone should consider exploring for their own growth.

When did you decide to explore the path of spirituality? 
I grew up in a religious Hindu household, so having faith in a higher energy has been something imbedded in me. I feel like that really encouraged me to explore all things spiritual as I do personally feel like being religious and being spiritual can have a beautiful sync. It was roughly when I was 17 when I had a lot of things, let’s say was not going smoothly. It felt like I was in a way lost, anxious, unhappy and was in pursuit of something more substantial. That is when I had a moment of serendipity. I was recommended a spiritual center, perhaps one can call it an ashram in Chennai called Oneness University. And that’s where the journey began.

Do you follow a specific guru? School of philosophy? And if so, why?
I do “follow” a lot of them; I don’t just stick to one as each has its own set of teachings, ways and methods. I like to take what resonates with me, what connects with me from all the different gurus and then apply it in my lifestyle. People I follow are Bk Shivani, Sadhguru, Dalai Lama, Ravi Shankar, Oneness university, Gaur Gopal Das… to name a few. I also learn from authors like Deepak Chopra, Rhonda Byrne, Devdutt Pattanaik, Shashi Tharoor etc. Nowadays TikTok is also a platform that offers short easy quick access to great insights given by individuals like Jay Shetty.

We hear a lot about the term manifestation, what does it mean to you? 
Manifestation is a term that’s become so common, and you hear every other person use it. Simply put manifesting is the ability to create the exact life that you want. For me, it’s not just about attracting things into your life. Rather it is about empowering yourself to live your best life. So just a little tip, I would give to fellow manifesters; when manifesting, go beyond your materialistic wants and focus on the things that will bring you most fulfillment possible and on something that enhances our authentic sense of purpose. That feeling of contentment makes the magic faster.

On a daily basis, what are your spiritual “rituals” or practices that you do?
(Laughs) If I am completely honest with my rituals and daily practices, people might think I am a warlock or witch doctor of some sort. I start my day with a guided meditation, followed by a pink salt bath, few puja rituals, sage cleansing, manifestation journaling, affirmations, charging my crystals, mantra chanting... the list is endless.

Following you on social media, temple visitations seem to be an important part of your life. Apart from the obvious, what pulls you towards these holy sites. 
Apart from the obvious religious significance, temples are such powerful energy hubs. I feel aligned and balanced when going for my darshans. It’s meditative. Amidst all the chaos and busyness, I find this sense of zen, focus and peace. I leave temples feeling energetic and motivated. Temples activate your five senses, the touch of bare feet on the ground, the sound of temple bells, the smell of flowers and incense, the visual stimulation of so much you see and finally the taste of jal and prasad. There’s so much to it.

Are you religious? Define what that means to you?
Yes, I am. For me it’s simply about having faith in something higher and powerful. It’s not about a certain god or a certain faith you follow. It’s about believing that there is a higher power that’s protecting you, listening to you, guiding you and helping you. It’s about discipline, patience, unconditional love, peace and finding your true purpose.

You mentioned being an avid devotee of Shiva? How did this come about? 
As a child, I was always fascinated by Shiva, the trident, the snake, the blue skin (laughs). But it was when one of the spiritual schools that I attended taught me to build a relationship with a particular form of the divine. I chose him and from that day it’s been a beautiful journey.

Healing, another term used a lot nowadays. Tell us more about that?
Every human being has accumulated so much: pain, trauma and experiences as they grow up that it starts accumulating as mental and physical health issues. So as the word simply suggests, healing to me is to relieve and detach oneself from all that’s weighing you down. We as humans are never fully healed, but we can always keep putting an effort to grow, unlearn and reprogram ourselves for a better future self. I practice, receive and have also learned many forms of healing such as Pranic healing, Sound/singing bowl therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, Crystal healing, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, Bioelectric Meridian Therapy…I can go on and on. It’s endless! There are so many resources available to us.

What advice would you give our readers if anyone is interested in getting into all of this? 
Don’t shy away from trying it in any form: healing, meditation... anything at all. You feel like you want to explore it, just go for it. The moment you experience it, it is the only gateway that will allow you to delve deep into this magical world (laughs).

Social media these days has been all about putting up a facade that hides your original self. What is your opinion on this? 
Don’t even get me started. It’s reaching such a low level of consciousness. This constant need for social validation and feeling to portray a certain version of yourself. It used to really bother me, but now all I do is bless people with authenticity. All Insta stories are a replication of the same parade of a “certain lifestyle” that is deemed to be the cool “relevant” social media presence.

How does one stay content in a world full of social media. Please share your personal experience too. 
By being true to yourself; stop comparing. The only reason anyone wants to follow you, should be for your own personal perspective and voice. It’s easy to feel the pressure of looking at what others are doing and thinking you’re not doing enough. But what makes you truly happy is something only you know. So go with that!

How does one bring self-love to your Instagram feed, the way you do.
Self-love starts in real life. And trust me, it’s a long process of learning and unlearning. Once you start that the self-love will automatically flow into your Instagram feed.

"Self-love starts in real life. And trust me, it’s a long process of learning and unlearning. Once you start that the self-love will automatically flow into your Instagram feed."

What does self-love and acceptance mean to you? 
Self-love is being aware of your flaws, your traumas and your baggage. Accepting it and in your own time constantly working towards releasing it and healing from it. Acceptance is one of the most difficult roadblocks as humans, our egos come into play and we don’t want to see that we have these forms of negativity in us. Once we accept, we can mend. But trust the process, it’s a slow burn but the result is rewarding.
What is the type of content you love to show on your social media platform? 
I like to show variation; there’s so many aspects of life and we always choose to show “the best” side. There was a time when I fell under the same illusion of this social media expectation. But now, if I like going to temples and doing puja, that’s my authentic self and I’ll post about it. I love my fashion and travel so you’ll find that dominant in my feed. I like showing people the exact perspective and vision I see my life with, even if it’s just a picture of a leaf. I want to show them the beauty I am able to witness in it.

You being a fashion influencer, do you feel the pressure to post your content a certain way because of how people perceive you?
It’s so funny, nowadays at events and parties I get teased with lines like “we will probably most likely see you at Pashupatinath rather than a runway event.” I know it’s said in passing fun, but it’s interesting to notice people have an opinion about it; if not an opinion, a sense of curiosity as to why this sudden shift. And as I mentioned earlier, perhaps there was a time I thought about it and felt like I need to go with the “trending” flow. I am so grateful I have worked on myself enough to be unapologetic with what I want to share. I no longer feel that pressure, it’s developing that “this is me, I am not perfect but I am a work in process” attitude we must all develop and post what feels authentic to us. Trust me, your viewers enjoy that more!

"It’s so funny, nowadays at events and parties I get teased with lines like “we will probably most likely see you at Pashupatinath rather than a runway event.”

Your feed, your persona is a statement of confidence. What’s the Secret to your confidence? 
Reflecting inwards on a daily basis, being aware of who you are and where you are in life. Acceptance as we discussed earlier is an important element. When you are personally happy with yourself your confidence naturally builds up. Getting out of my comfort zone is also something I like to do constantly because that helps me become more confident about myself. An important thing to remember though is there’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance. It’s important we don’t cross that line. Humility and being grounded always goes a long way.

Lastly, anything you want to share as a message to our readers? 
Be nice; be mindful of your actions. Instead of focusing on the outer world, always take time out of your day to look inwards. You are powerful and self-sufficient to handle all that the world throws at you.