Pumpkin spice, candies and ghosts! Raise your hands if you, like us, have half your minds submerged in your makeup kits and the other half on Pinterest for Halloween makeup inspiration.Well, we are not alone because among us we do have a creator who eats, sleeps and breathes Halloween all year round bringing the coolest and the spookiest A-game to the table. 

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Shanaya (@shanayanangs) is currently working as a freelance artist and content creator. Always gravitated towards art and creativity as a form of expression, deep catharsis and as a mode of escapism from our physical world and feelings, she did her schooling from Kaasthamandap Vidhayala, did the IBDP in Ullens and graphic design in college in Spain.

“Every piece of art I create or am involved with, stems from a deep place of passion. Growing up, I knew art was my only mode of survival and even now, it’s the only thing that keeps me going. Over the past few years, I have been grateful to have found my way into Kathmandu’s creative space, whether it’s just through the windows of social media or actually getting the chance to meet and work with a lot of amazing individuals. In the next few years, I intend to keep growing as an individual and an artist. Keen on growing my horizons with different mediums and platforms, but most importantly I hope to be able to make more and deeper connections with those like me or  just in need of a sense of solidarity and feeling of comfort in an unconventional way”, she says. 


How did you get into content creation?
I’ve always been that “crafty art kid” growing up. I was always DIYing something, painting, in theatre, organizing creative projects or cutting something up in the corner, so naturally my friends encouraged me to start my own YouTube channel back in 2017. I would make alot of DIY and lifestyle videos. I got my very first PR package(a pop socket) back then and I knew I had the potential to keep at it since. Most importantly, I’ve always enjoyed the content I’ve created and will always try to maintain the authenticity. 


We hear that you are into a lot of creative industry. Can you talk more about that? 
A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one ( laughs)
My interests peak in so many different aspects of this creative media industry. But I am fortunate enough to have been able to work my way and dabble in a lot of these areas. In the past year, I’ve worked and gained experience in production, content writing, hosting, acting, creative direction, set design, styling, graphic design, editing and special effects makeup of course!
Essentially when I get hired for content creator projects, I am a one woman army. I cover everything from the initial idea and story boarding till the final edits. Hopefully, I can and will team up with others like minded and passionate people to takeover more of this space! 


We also see you very enthusiastic when it comes to Halloween? What activated your love for it?
As a kid, I was roped into watching a lot of horror movies by my elder sister, whether I liked it or not. This mixed with my innate fascination with ‘playing with shock value’, I believe triggered my love for Halloween.As a festival itself, it streams so far away from our one track “happy festivities” norms. It’s a day you are encouraged to be different, bizarre, scary and out of the ordinary. It’s celebrated. Halloween also always falls on or around Tihar every year! My two absolute favorite festivals. Its the best time. 


What are some of the best memories with Halloween? 
I remember dressing up for Halloween for the first time in grade two. We were having some type of costume competition after lunch and we had to go and change in the middle of the day and we played a lot of fun games and got candy.My mom being the original DIY queen, had made me a sparkly green mermaid tail skirt and attached a wig to my head. Wish I could find pictures of that day.Over the years we celebrated a few times. I dressed as a mouse at age 11 and started my sfx(special effects makeup) journey at 12 when I did my first gore filled look as Red Riding Hood with a twist (unzipped zipper face)and also won a costume contest filled with adults. That was the year I realized;I love it. Since then, I always got all my friends ready for Halloween at school, where we would wake up at 4am to start getting everyone ready. We’ve done all ranges of looks from skeletons, mummies, vampires, ninja hattori, pop art people, Edgar Allen Poe, scary clowns, pirates, witches and everything in between.
Personally, I love the feeling of being incognito under the makeup. The looks on your friends and family’s faces are priceless. As I found more creatives like myself online, I realized I’m not alone and don’t have to wait till just Halloween to experiment with this type of makeup! 


Who are some of your favorite creators?
Some of my main favorite creators are: Glam&Gore Mykie, Xowie Jones, Salina Killa, Spencer Goulding, Abby Roberts, Maile Hammahz and so many more amazing artists. 



Your fav look you noticed this year?
I was so glad to see a lot of people involved in dressing up this year, besides my own (laughs). I’m a sucker for being extra and putting in DIY effort so my faves were definitely my dog Chester who attended a party as a lion, an epic hellboy costume and Divinish as Voldemort of course. 


 Inspired by tutorials, I had stumbled across in my earlier days. A look I’ve always wanted to try and fit perfectly with our Carnival themed Halloween party this year!

This one was relatively simpler but I think the overall look really hit the mark. From a photoshoot, I organized on Valentines Day 2022. 

This is a look I attempted back in 2018, and was heavily inspired by Swedish SFX artist. Paired with the contact lens and blood, this was super fun but not practical to wear over half an hour! 


This was the first time I played with making my own prosthetics and body paint. I still feel like this look is quite intimidating and a little uneasy to look at. Which makes me love it even more.As art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable-Cesar A. Cruz


I absolutely love this look. I did a lot of research around Indra Jatar 2018 for this look. Since then, I don't think I've seen any other artists attempt this look so it has a special place in my heart. I feel like It's also an ode to my Newari roots and my family's last name Lakhey.