Nepal has made significant progress on health indicators over the past few decades. The impressive achievement in health indicators was the result of globalization in health including economic development via-a-viz strengthening of primary (mostly peripheral) health care (PHC) system particularly through investments to establish the health care infrastructure.
 iSON Health, a Global Initiative of the iSON group, aims to offer medical services in developing countries. iSON Health endeavors to provide high quality, yet affordable medical services. They provide access to quality healthcare for everyone, regardless of location, time frame or budget. Patients can connect with internationally-accredited hospitals and doctors through a digital platform or can travel to receive medical care services if needed. Today the iSON group has a presence in 40+ countries of the world including Nepal. They have 20 thousand employees and the group revenue is approximately 3000 Crore Nepali Rupees.

The Founder/Chairman of iSON Tower, Vivek Gupta talks about those 5 exclusive services iSON Health provides to the people of Nepal:

Healthcare is a complex field. Patient and the patient’s family normally struggle to understand the nature of illness itself, to find out the best doctor for treatment, best hospitals which are legit, making sure there’s no over treatment; it should be optimal treatment/tests etc.
 If local hospitals/doctors fail to treat locally then taking the patient to another city/country is an even bigger challenge. To support patient/patient’s family on these issues, iSON Health steps in as Medi Buddy of the patient family and guides them on all of the above issues. It’s important to understand that we are the patient’s buddy and not the agent of any hospital. We don’t charge a single penny to the patient’s family. We get paid for our services from the treating hospital. Hence, the patient should try and take our specialized services at zero cost as far as possible.
 iSON Health has more than 3000 partner hospitals in Nepal, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey, UK and the US. Our network of hospitals has the most specialized and expensive hospitals to the most economical and affordable hospitals. Hence, we help the patient to choose a hospital which can best suit his/her budget.
 For domestic/international patients, we provided end to end concierge services which include ambulance, tele consultation, 2nd opinion, visa, ticketing, stay, doctor’s appointment in advance, local conveyance, foreign exchange, treatment optimization advice etc. For many of these services, the patient just has to register with us and we provide services at his/her doorstep. Once all arrangements are made then only is the patient asked to travel.”