Shivanth Bahadur PandÉ is the CEO of NIBL-Ace-Capital Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nepal Investment Bank Limited. Established in 2011, NIBL Ace Capital (then NIBL Capital Markets Limited) aims to provide exceptional and customized financial services ranging from merchant banking, advisory, private equity and asset management services to depository participant functions. With a fascination for gadgets, Shivanth is a techie to the core and is not baffled by any related questions thrown at him.

How tech savvy are you?
We got internet in our home around 1992, and after that you keep up to date but I find myself playing catch-up due to the sheer change of pace of technology. I read and try to make sure that I am aware of new companies and products, as I have not studied computer science. I find that this literacy is of paramount importance.

What are your top five favorite gadgets and how often do you use them?

  • Samsung galaxy Z Fold 4
  • S23 Ultra
  • My custom built PC
  • Apple iPhone 14 pro max and Macbook pro M2 for work
  •  PS5 as a TV and gaming accessory for me and my son.

What is your favorite gadget and why?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. I have used Android and Samsung since the Samsung Galaxy S.

Has it been your hobby or addiction?
Now it’s more of an addiction and also causes hand/neck problems so reverting to P.C./Laptop and more tablet based for larger screen size.

What features would you like to add to it if you could?
Better grip, larger battery like the S22 ultra and may be 4K screen.

Do you think it will be obsolete in the next five years?
 No, but its form factor will change. Maybe used in conjunction with a VR/AR headset or glasses.

Which gadget is on your wish list?

Steam Deck

Which presently available gadget do you wish you could have had when you were a child?
PS5, because my son gets to play it when he is 8 years old

Have your gadgets or any other technology ever let you down at a time of need? Tell us about any interesting incident?
My laptop broke down during my college dissertation writing. It actually crashed, so I had to get a submission extension and rewrite a 10,000 word dissertation in five days.

If you could ask tech giants to invent a gadget for you, what would it be?

A sleep Pod/Bed/Entertainment system or maybe a specialist chat GPT (AI) device.

What’s the most expensive gadget you’ve ever owned?
LG OLED TV. I bought in 2018. It was thinner than my phone and is still one of the best TVs LG ever made.

What is the first gadget that you use as soon as you get up in the morning?
My phone

A gadget that you couldn’t operate or took time to get the hang of?
Occulus Rift – headaches over long use and limited software or much is still a work in progress.

An inventor that you would  have loved to meet?

If you had a twin robot what would you use it for?
Some portions of work as a digital assistant; send it to government offices like for passport renewal and tax/land processing.

Your car tech accessory you can’t do without.

 My android car system and wirefree wifi system.

Three fancy gadgets you’d want in your car.

  •  Laptop brace
  •  Better air purifier
  •  AI driving assistant/ integrated windscreen displays

Your first gadget and the reason you bought it?
Gameboy; my dad’s close friend Nayan Uncle gave me one when he came to Nepal in 1992.

What frustrates you about gadgets?

The life span; constantly upgrading and easy damage, the waste it generates after being useful and the space old gadgets take up.
What are some of the emerging gadgets of the 21st century?
Graphics cards; brain implants’ flexible displays/augmented virtual reality and space related technology like Starlink.