The party begins at five in the evening and the people only start trickling in at seven. That is probably the most apt definition of Nepali time and it works every single time, like clockwork.

If you are a foreigner; your trip is about to begin and your guides don’t turn up in time. Just do not be furious straight away and start throwing philosophical one liners about value of the ticks in a clock. Nepali folks probably get stomach cramps or else they wouldn’t have been doing this for time infinite. Even a five minutes delay will provide that much needed sense of accomplishment and a rush of adrenaline in the system. It’s in the blood actually, so blaming the habit is of no use. You got to kneel when it comes to genetics and the mother nature you see. I mean everybody does it. The ministers, government officers, drivers, teachers and the lot. You will even be granted excuse if you get to your job interview fifteen minutes late. We have excuses abound.

It probably began with the kings of the past where they would attend a function at the closing stages thereby disseminating their importance and the waste of time they thought the commoners’ activities were composed of. It then rubbed off to the immediate power holders below him making its way to the very bottom into the general public. This tendency mixed with a bit of procrastinating develops into such a potent concoction that its severity would induce a coma straight away to somebody from the other part of the world where time equates to money.

I don’t want to give up yet on this historically handed down ability to choose my own hour of importance no matter what the deadlines and circumstances are. Simply because I do not want to make a joker of myself. I am sure one day we will find a humongous casket of gold bullions or a very deep oil well that will shoot our economy to the top and then we wouldn’t have to do any work at all or finish anything in time or be in time anywhere.
Jai Nepal! Jai Bholi!

Sevenfriday, a Zurich-based watch brand, was officially launched at Le Sherpa, Lazimpat on 20 January. The brand was launched earlier on the same day at Kumde, situated at an altitude of approximately 4500m.

Sevenfriday watches are painstakingly crafted for which the design cues are taken from engines, architecture, etc. The dials of the watches are mechanical, surrounded by an animation ring and housed in a squarish body with curved edges, iconic to the brand. The timepieces are officially available in Nepal now.