Visit the ‘Sin City’ to have the best time of your life, and remember very little about it afterwards

There comes a time in every man’s (girl’s) life when you wake up to find yourself go blank. You try to remember everything that has happened but you can’t. You call up your buddies to know what had happened but guess what; even they can’t remember, for they too went through the same situation. You try checking your cell phone for photos and calls and you get a faint idea – places you went to, drinks you had…

This, my friends, is going to be one of the best times in your life.

But somehow, what you did and where you’d gone becomes predictable when you’ve spent a night out in Kathmandu. You know that you went to the same bars in Thamel or Jhamiskhel or Lazimpat; you traveled the same road and gullies. So why don’t you take it to the next level and visit the ‘Sin City’ to have the best time of your life and remember very little about it afterwards. You might never remember the exact details but you smile at yourself (or show-off to someone) because you just had a perfect night out. We guide you to locations you should be heading for.

Waking up in Vegas
You don’t actually have to wake up in Vegas to start your day. But the buffet breakfast provided by some of the restaurants are worth a night’s stay. Payard Patisserie & Bistro at Caesars serves one of the best French breakfasts (served from 6:30am-2:30pm) while the Buffet at T.I., at Treasure Island (served from 7:00am – 11am) is also pretty good. But nothing beats the buffet at the Wynn, which serves really good food.

Entertaining yourself
You can join pool scenes happening around the city like Bare at the Mirage, Venus at Caesars, Moorea Beach club at the Mandalay Bay and Tao Beach at the Venetian. The best part is that you can play blackjack in the pool at most of these places — in Vegas that’s called multitasking. If you are looking for some thrill and adventure then try the Big Apple Coaster & Arcade. With a 180-degree “heartline” twist and dive maneuver, this ride will be one of the rides of your lifetime.

But if you are in search of a relaxing and calm afternoon then go for a spa treatment. Canyon Ranch Spa Club at the Venetian is a serene place in the middle of the chaos at the Strip. The Spa Club provides massage, skin care and body treatments. Spa and Salon Vdara celebrates the calming power of water with several signature treatments and Drift Spa at Palms Place provides Las Vegas› only traditional Turkish hammam. You can also enjoy pampering yourself and live entertainment at Beauty Bar in the Fremont East Entertainment District. Or you can go golfing. You can find the finest championship golf courses of the world  at Vegas like Shadow Creek, The Wynn Golf Club, Bali Hai, Badlands and more, all designed by the world›s best golf course designers.

Romancing the evenings
One of the must see things at Vegas is Bellagio Fountains. Every half-hour between 3 pm and 8pm, and every 15 minutes from then ‘til midnight, an 8.5-acre lake in the middle of the desert explodes with 1,214 sprinklers shooting water up to 460 feet in the air — the water rockets. You can also take a few hours from your evening to go and see Cirque du Soleil, because it’s totally worth it. All the Cirque shows are similarly good but Love at the Mirage is the best.

Where to party
Nightlife is one of the chief attractions of the city and includes clubbing and casinos; the loud music, sweet drinks and the people swinging and dancing and not giving a damn. This is the perfect way to spend your nights in Vegas, dancing with your friends at the Bank of the Bellagio and at Tao of the Venetian. The Tabu of the MGM, Pure of Caesars and Cathouse of the Luxor requires less dancing and more fun. But whichever club you choose, dance till your legs hurt the next day.
Casino is synonymous to Vegas thanks to the numerous Hollywood movies (Ocean’s Eleven anyone?) and the TV series. Many hotels offer free lessons for novices - while all of them serve free booze to all the gamblers whether you’re sitting down at a $100 blackjack table or at the penny slots.

Other options
Besides the given list, there are also various other options to explore at Vegas. You can go and visit the Shark Reef Aquarium which has exhibits of sea turtles, crocodiles, komodo dragons and of course, sharks. A 15 mile-drive from the Strip will take you to the Red Rock Canyon protected areas and a hike (or drive) to the multi-colored mountains will make you feel good no matter how hot it gets. You can also visit Liberace Museum, the Gallery of Fine Arts at the Bellagio and the weird Zoo exhibits of tigers and dolphins at the Mirage.

Besides all of these activities, if you still want to do something crazier, then get married in Las Vegas. But of course, unlike what’s mentioned above, this is one activity that doesn’t just stay in Vegas.

In case you miss home
It’s normal to miss home when you are abroad on a trip. And it’s more normal to miss home when you are drunk, tired and most likely, suffering a hangover the following day.

If you know that you are the kind of person who is going to miss Nepal and Nepalis, then contact the Nepali Students’ Association at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. They do Nepalese cultural nights, and Nepalese tea hour among others all year round. Do contact them through email at or get updated with their activities through their facebook page ( or twitter

Mint Indian Bistro
This restaurant serves delicacies like Gajar ko Haluwa which reminds one of home. The wall of the interior reads “The Nepalese Gurkhas are known for their prowess in battle and so are the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels.” Check it out when you miss food back home.