Xiaomi, one of the top global smartphone companies, has effortlessly marked its position in Nepal’s cell phone market. Since its launch, Xiaomi has won the hearts of countless customers through their feature-rich yet affordable smartphones. Not just smartphones, but a wide range of AIoT products has changed the presence of Xiaomi in Nepal. In a recent interview, Amit Kumar Panda, Country General Manager of Xiaomi Nepal spoke about Xiaomi’s journey in Nepal and much more:

How has Xiaomi’s journey been  in Nepal so far?
Xiaomi’s journey has been very exciting in Nepal ever since we entered this market in September 2018. We became Nepal’s number one smartphone company within the first six quarters which in itself is a huge milestone. On the first ever Daraz 11.11 Sale in 2018, we launched POCO F1 exclusively on Daraz which crashed their e-commerce website for the first time in Nepal. Since then, we have launched a lot of Smart TVs in this country. Recently, we have launched 6 new Xiaomi and Redmi TVs and laptops as well. Currently we have more than 30 AIoT products in Nepal.

What is the Nepali market like for Xiaomi?
The Nepali market is very special for Xiaomi because Nepal is one of the few markets where we have been in the number one position for nine consecutive quarters. The love and support that our Xiaomi fans have extended to us here in Nepal is immense and I am thankful to each one of them for showering us with all the love and support. Not only smartphones, but we have received good response for all of our AIoT products.
How has your experience been in Nepal?
My experience in Nepal has been very good and the most beautiful thing about this country is the people; they are very welcoming. We have a similar culture, so it always feels like home. There is a good amount of work life balance here in Nepal; people work hard and spend quality time with their friends and families too, which is very satisfying.

What are Xiaomi’s focus areas in Nepal?
As Xiaomi is all about innovation for everyone, each and every product that we launch here in Nepal for Xiaomi fans, we ensure that we provide technological innovation in that product. Our users are sure that whatever products we launch here will be of the highest specifications and quality. And the plus point is- we try our best to provide affordable products to our customers which is also our main focus area.

Who do you think is your main competition?
Competition should always be there, so, we try our best to bring the best and I think we have healthy competition with all of our competitors. Competition keeps us on our toes and ultimately benefits our customers.

What is the Nepali user’s preference in smartphones?
The Nepali market is slightly different from the adjourning markets. The demand for upgrades and efficiency of the phone is increasing day by day. Back in the day, 2 GB phones used to sell a lot. During Covid times, 4 GB phones took the spot and now I see a bigger demand in 6 GB and 8 GB variants which is also a good sign; consumers are upgrading themselves and that efficient phones are in demand.

What has been the greatest challenge while expanding Xiaomi in Nepal?
Nepal is a mountainous country, so, offline distribution can be quite difficult compared to the plains areas. We have a lot of hilly and mountainous terrain that increases the logistic cost for us which is one of the difficult areas we face when it comes to distribution. Apart from that, expanding Xiaomi in Nepal has been a wonderful journey.

Where does Xiaomi see itself in 5 years time in Nepal?
Xiaomi is not just a smartphone company. We are more of a technology brand which has many AIoT products as well. We have recently unveiled CyberDog and CyberOne humanoid robot globally. Five years from now, we see Xiaomi as a common and trustworthy household brand and will have our presence in each household of Nepal.

Can you tell me about Xiaomi’s upcoming launches?
It is better to keep a few things secret, but we can definitely give assurance to our Xiaomi fans that this year, we are launching a lot of smartphones as well as AIoT products which will be of the best quality with better features.

Can you share some of your favorite Xiaomi products?
Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is one of my favorite products which come in very handy for checking air pressure on my mountain bike’s tires and it can also inflate my football that I like playing a lot. Not to mention, Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer has been my second favorite product in such a short span of time that it has become the star in my kitchen. I, myself like preparing new dishes and with the Mi Air Fryer, I can make many types of fried dishes using less oil and it has been a savior for me in following a healthy diet.