Subexya Bhadel has an unmistakable eye for feminine designs. The lucidity is carried well over her designs which are as versatile as they are unique. Her gowns in particular have always caused much hype whenever previewed. Bhadel’s latest collection that she recently designed for the launch of Hyundai Grande i10 has generated quite a buzz. 

Bhadel explains her foray into designing gowns as a natural succession, for it is “the most elegant attire a girl could own.” She still believes that saris come at the very top but gowns are a close second.  Subexya explains how women today rightly assume a gown’s versatility but mostly preserve it for special occasions. “If a woman wants to feel and look good, the gown is the perfect choice. You can wear it pretty much anywhere, from a family function to a night out with friends.”

Bhadel is known for her exquisite handwork on her clothing. Her gowns, primarily based on the seven colors are all mounted differently. A common feature though, is her thigh slits that makes a seemingly innocent dress look enormously sexy once walked in. Particularly for those looking to keep both warm yet sensual during these chilly Kathmandu days, her gowns offer the perfect amount of coverage and apparent foreplay. 

Tell us about your newest designs. 
They are all differently color co-ordinated and have absolute differences in design. Some are netted in red; others are simple bust-lining designs in ivory gray and the like. One thing I can tell you for certain though is that each design is unique and exquisite. 

What factors are looked into while designing a piece? 
The first thing that takes place while custom designing a gown is taking into clear account what the customer is looking for. That is how we get a virtual picture of the end product. Then the materials and color scheme and designs as such are looked into. Though while making an entire collection, I design it in accordance to my own vision.

Are your gowns appropriate for mass-consumers of the country? 
My designs are very workable and as mentioned before, versatile. The Nepali woman today desires difference in her clothing even for casual occasions; thus the affordability factor combined with the beauty of the design, makes it an ideal piece for the mass-consumer.

Some tips you could give our readers in wearing a gown?
Right make-up, hair and attitude are prerequisites. But above all, comfort, confidence and an easy smile can make anyone look gorgeous in any clothing.