A mainstay in the Nepali entertainment industry, Nattu Shah is an icon in her own right and delves into multiple avenues that portray her individuality. She has been a singer/songwriter for 25 years, a TV presenter for numerous popular programs. A rising comic doing short skits, she grabs the attention of national as well as international audiences. She has received multiple awards and accolades throughout her years in the industry, proving to be one of the most versatile and resilient artists. After recently completing her audio-engineering course, she is interning for Studios 301 in Sydney, renowned as both the longest-running professional recording studio in the southern hemisphere and the largest studio complex in Australia. She aspires to recreate a similar studio here in Nepal with the intent of improving ways to promote up-and-coming artists. We dive deeper into the life of Nattu as a person and discover her inner thoughts as a creative person:

In a sense being a renowned content creator, what are your views on the current audiences and changes you have seen in the media?
I feel like the audience today is more inclined towards shorter videos. It's generally the way videos are made nowadays that are limited to a certain threshold catering to quick responses. I have noticed that viewers are less likely to engage on videos that extend over 30 seconds. My content is more vocal with a script, so cramming everything within this time frame makes it very difficult for me sometimes. I manage somehow to please my loving fans. Similarly, in terms of the media, influencers have been given more freedom to express but in that sense, sensitivity to certain topics has also been more notable. Influencers cover vast arrays of genres nowadays that basically can be anything.

What inspires your creative process when it comes to making short comedy skits or music?
I’m like a sponge when it comes to ideas for content. My videos are mainly inspired by my experiences in my personal life. It could be a funny moment between me and a friend or certain scenarios that are relatable in general for example being born in the 90’s, stereotypes, etc. I also take influence from other creative people and put my own personal take on it. When it comes to music, the process would be defined as something that I have cultivated through a sense of time. Emotions and experiences do play a crucial role in the creative process of music but through time, I feel music also depends on personal growth and requires maturity to realize your own sound. In the span of my music career, I have explored multiple genres but now at this phase I feel more inclined to R&B which is more slow and sensual, fitting my current persona.

What is your preferred social platform for creating content?

There are many platforms I use to promote my content among which you won't believe, Facebook has been my favorite. The millennials today might say Facebook is dead, but I would say otherwise. The majority of my audiences are from Facebook and they receive my content better according to analytics. Needless to say, I still love using instagram and tiktok for promoting my social presence and interacting with fans as well.

The creative process can be very stressful sometimes, what do you do to let off steam?
Yes, it certainly can be. I would say I have been on a break for a few months, just trying to relax and take things one step at a time. The past year I was very invested in my personal projects which creatively exhausted me to a certain extent. When you continuously work for a certain amount of time, creativity becomes more forced and synthetic lacking that natural appeal. In that regard, taking time off really helps. Family and friends are very important in my life and I believe spending time with them certainly helps recharge my creative batteries. I feel it is also very crucial to set aside some time for you, to get a sense of direction in life.

What would you say if you were asked about the younger generation? Any advice!
The younger generation today has so much more freedom. I feel like they have limitless potential when it comes to this day and age, they just need to have this go getter personality and strive to remove themselves from their comfort zone. The younger generation needs to understand their worth and value themselves more in the context of exploring different mediums to realize their talent. I advise the younger generation to never limit or doubt their capabilities.
Is your daily routine the secret to your bubbly and upbeat personality?
A routine is something which I haven't been able to maintain for a long time. I think it's probably because of my schedule which majorly runs at night time. A night owl by preference, I work late nights and don't have a designated schedule. I'd say my personality is unaffected by my routine but nowadays I feel like staying up late has affected my social plans in the morning. A routine is something I really need to work on.

Since you tend to travel a lot, picture a moment captured in your head where you felt most alive?
I remember a very emotional trip to Ganesh Himal planned by my dad. We were trekking to the Ruby Valley accompanied by light snowfall. After the long walk, we managed to set camp in the evening. The next morning, when I unzipped the tent, I was welcomed by the view of the mountains; a surreal feeling of being in the present, vulnerable to heavy emotions of appreciation for being alive. This moment will always be a cherished memory.

Being a foodie, what would you eat if it were your last meal?
The answer for this one is pretty simple, Dal Bhat. More specifically from Tukuche which has always had a special place in my heart. The buttered rice, neatly cut vegetables perfectly paired with achhar, not to forget the papad are a mouth watering delight for me. The Thakali Dal Bhaat ties with nostalgia and reminds me of my school days where I fondly recall the food being something else. I remember boasting about the food at my school and having bragging rights over my friends.