The Mediterranean region is heavily influenced by cultures that have been harbored in families for a few millennia now. And they have as rich a variety in their food as the history that leaves us in awe. From the land of Zeus, we bring to you Yemista, one such delicacy

Greek cuisine takes us on a joy ride with fresh vegetables, wine and bread working their magic into the palates of explorers. Greece is known as the land of beautiful beaches and rich cultural heritage and what we offer you today do justice to this place quite beautifully.

Yemista (sometimes called ‘Gemista’, translated as ‘ones that are filled’) is stuffed vegetables especially bell peppers or tomatoes filled with a mixture of rice, meat and/or vegetables. It is truly a summer dish with an abundance of herbs and olive oil used as in most Greek cuisine.

The beauty of Yemista is in its variety. It has countless varieties as a homemade dish and you can basically add anything to get that unique twist in your palate. For vegetarians, the emptied bell pepper is filled with couscous and apricot-semolina (granules of durum wheat) cooked by steaming. For non-vegetarian, ground mutton is infused with rice, oregano, salt, lemon juice, roasted garlic, diced onion and extra virgin olive oil which is then stuffed in emptied bell pepper. The final display is topped with olive oil with a scant tablespoonful of tomato paste and a little salt and pepper.

Yemista is healthy to the core with an abundance of vegetables and rice portions that are mostly half the vegetable portions. Since it is baked and served with a side dish of fresh green salad containing tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion and lettuce, seasoned with salt and oregano, and dressed with extra virgin olive oil, it forms a wholesome filling and a healthy lunch.

A neat array of pita bread which is usually enjoyed with hummus forms is not just a brilliant display but a nice complement to the stuffed bell peppers and fresh green salad. Mezze is Greek for appetizers and is usually enjoyed right before you dig into your Yemista plateful. The appetizers have tremendous variety with olives, cheese, vegetables and meat popular among many other central ingredients.