Put your game face on; the next generation of consoles are firmly among us

PlayStation 4
It’s smaller and sleeker than the Xbox One, and is arguably the more hardcore gaming machine of the two. When running the same game on the two systems, the PS4 clearly shows some extra graphical powers. The PS4 should also be noted for its multi-screen experience. ‘Remote Play’ allows you to play PS4 games on your handheld PlayStation Vita, continuing where you left off or using it as a second screen. The PS4 controller is also clearly more gaming-focused than the Xbox One’s. There is a built-in track pad as well as a speaker that can be used to great effect in games. Rivaling the Kinect is the PlayStation Eye, which, unlike the Kinect, will not come bundled with the PS4 system. The Eye features two 1280×800px cameras inside a similarly shaped camera bar. Like the Kinect, you can use the PS Eye to track motion and give the system voice commands. In addition to human interaction, the DualShock 4 controller will come into play with the PS4 camera thanks to its multi-colored light bar.

Xbox One
As the name signifies, Microsoft intends the Xbox to become the ‘One’ system in your living room. It goes way beyond gaming by bringing you full multimedia connectivity, most of it revolving around the brilliant Kinect system that supports voice commands and motion control. You can hook up your cable box to the Xbox and then ‘tell’ the system to change channels. You can also use your hands to move around menus and jump into some games. Microsoft has also nicely integrated its own services, including Skype for video calling and Internet Explorer so you can pull up websites or videos right on the big screen. The ‘Snap’ function is also useful, running a second app, such as Skype alongside game sessions. On the gaming side, the Xbox One tries to cater to a wider audience- the whole family, in fact. The 1080p Kinect can track up to six skeletons for an immersive family video game experience, even analyzing the slight rotation of a wrist or shoulder and even your heartbeat.

Zumba Fitness World Party
Rs. 6934 for Xbox One
The Zumba games are for those who want to be fit without actually going outside in unforgiving weather. And why would you, when you can just stay inside and move your body to a diverse collection of routines and songs, instructed by a virtual trainer who is always more than happy to generously give you points for your minimal effort. Summer body, here we come!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Rs. 8,729 for Xbox One, Rs. 7,128 for PS4
With over 150 characters from Iron Man to Squirrel Girl, the game lets you take advantage of the heroes’ unique powers and abilities to complete a range of puzzles and win battles, ultimately in an attempt to stop Loki from getting his hands on the ‘Cosmic Bricks.’ Richly animated characters and environments makes the game highly enjoyable. 

Ryse: Son of Rome Day One Edition
Rs. 8,873 for Xbox One
The game feels like something Michael Bay would have conjured up. With combat that is brutal and satisfying at the same time, the game is for those who enjoy hacking and slashing your way through rivals, ominous music playing in the background. It’s all a gripping experience as you embark on an epic quest to avenge your family and save the Roman Empire.

Assassins’ Creed IV: Black Flag
Rs. 8,960 for Xbox One, Rs. 8,411 for PS4
After years of providing fun-filled historically based open-world adventures, the series ventures off the beaten path and onto the sea. With a gripping story involving pirates, templars and sages, you’ll be engaging in familiar assassination missions, while often veering off the main path to do exciting  side-missions such as fighting off random enemy encounters, chasing down couriers and collecting any number of different things. You can then climb back aboard your ship for some ship-to-ship combat and plunder, undertake diving missions, stealth missions and enemy fort capturing.