...has been the war cry ever since Community started and now, it’s all set to become a reality

There are some great TV shows on air these days but how many can boast of fans picketing outside the network’s office to put it (after being cancelled) back on air? That’s Community. It’s a brilliantly cast over-the-top comedic goldmine about a band of eccentric misfits who form a study group in the fictional Greendale Community College.
The main protagonist Jeff Winger is a suave narcissistic former lawyer who joins the college after being kicked out of his job when they find out about his fake law degree. The characters Abed and Troy relive their childhood whilst carrying out their hilarious shenanigans all around the college. Perhaps one of the most recognizable faces is Senor Chang, a Chinese Spanish professor cum dictator cum security officer (there’s a lot more) played by Ken Jeong of The Hangover movie series fame. And the girls, they are just as crazy as the boys or perhaps, even more.

But it is not just these beautifully sketched characters who sell the show. It is the flow of comedy and emotions that take you aback. The biggest asset to Community is that it can flip the switch between emotional, wild, slapstick and drama, just like that.

Season 5 is all set to start on 2 January, 2014 with creator Dan Harmon making a comeback after a season long hiatus. The new season will set in motion a lot of the storylines that got stagnated in much of Season 4. The main lead Jeff Winger returns, now as a teacher and fans are chomping at the bits to know how that happens. The whole crew is more or less back and the teaser is tongue in cheek and encouraging for what lies ahead. The latest season should be another rollercoaster of some comedic gold and to really put into perspective the anticipation; personally, I’m looking forward to this more than Sherlock.

Top 3 episodes of the entire series

Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas
Season 2, Episode 11
Abed reimagines the entire study group as clay animated models and why not: Its an Christmas episode and more importantly its Community. This epic episode traverses through an imaginary scape full of wild characters like the Britta bot and Troy soldier.

The paintball episodes
Special Episode
Every season has a paintball episode and what starts as harmless fun soon turns into a full scale riot with some thrilling reveals in the end. The show brilliantly recreates a tumultuous war zone of the school which soon follows into epic shenanigans of the leads.

Digital Estate Planning
Season 3, Episode 20
Pierce finds out about his father’s inheritance that must be won by playing a video game. This 8-bit episode will leave you smiling as you recall your own old school 8-bit Mario days. There is also a touching story here with how Pierce’s relationship was with his father.